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‘It’s Called A C-Section’: Fans Rip TLC’s New Limited Series

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A new limited series aired last night on TLC titled Awake Surgery aired last night following the new episode of Season 8 of My 600-Lb. Life: Where Are They Now? TLC took to their official Instagram profile about 15 hours ago to tease the airing of the new episode of the limited series. The Instagram post, however, did not come with a trailer teaser. TLC simply posted a title promo photo and noted the name of the show was self-explanatory.

In the comments of the Instagram post, TLC fans didn’t have kind words for the new series. What did viewers have to say about this limited series? Keep reading for the details.

Awake Surgery: TLC Viewers Rip New Limited Series

Being a network called “The Learning Channel,” a series about a specific type of surgery isn’t too surprising. But, does that mean it is the kind of thing viewers want to see? As most would agree, TLC has largely shifted from being a learning channel to being a reality channel. Now, some people admit they miss the network focusing on shows that teach people things. Others, however, relish in all the reality TV. The general consensus in the comments of the Instagram post teasing the series, however, was pretty clear. TLC’s female audience really wasn’t feeling this new series.

One individual said “It’s called C-Sections,” before they proceeded to slam the whole concept of being awake during surgery as not that big of a deal. Other women responded to the comment noting that women have surgery while awake every single day to give birth to children. Moreover, some women have more than one surgery while awake during their lifetime. Overall, those who follow the TLC network on Instagram who took the time to comment agreed the new limited series was a bit insulting to any woman who had had a C-Section.

That is called a C-section! And it happens all the time. I wonder what types of surgeries they are referring too. Just curious about the tittle.”

Another fan chimed in: “was about to say the same 🤣 I’ve had 2 awake surgeries and a leg surgery I was in and out for. 🤣 I want show.”


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In different comments, other TLC fans agreed that surgeries while awake were extremely common. And, they didn’t see the need for an entire series dedicated to surgeries while awake to exist.

Did you watch the new TLC series titled Awake Surgery last night? What did you think about it? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TLC news.


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