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Gwendlyn Brown Beats Older Brother At His Own Game, How?

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Gwendlyn Brown has beat one of her older brothers at his own game. It’s not a big win but it is something this Brown son desperately wanted. So much so that he put out a plea on social media for help achieving his mission. However, it was Gwen who made it happen, completely by accident. What did she achieve and which brother did she outdo? Read on for more details.

Gwendlyn Brown Beats Older Brother At His Own Game, How?

Earlier, Gwendlyn shared that she had been verified on Instagram. This seemingly was not something she was looking or asking for. Yet, she has been doing quite well on Patreon recently airing her parents’ dirty laundry. The twenty-one-year-old holds nothing back and she is happy to let it all hang out. Once she got the blue check from the social media platform, she immediately put it in her stories, almost comically.

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Now, fans may recall that her older brother, Paedon also spills family secrets on TikTok as well as podcasts. Basically anywhere he is asked, he will answer questions. With that, he started a plea to get verified. Paedon really wanted to get verified on TikTok so when he got their mother, Christine to join, it was a question if she would get the check first.

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At this point, he still does not have a blue check anywhere. Not on Instagram or TikTok. However, Gwendlyn does have a check next to her name on Instagram. She has 117K followers whereas her brother only has 86K followers on the platform. Yet, she is not super active on TT so she has yet to get verified there and the same with their mother.

Family Dynamics

Gwendlyn Brown must be proud of this achievement knowing how badly Paedon wanted it. He revealed, when he first started on TikTok, that he and Gwen are actually estranged. It is unclear if they have since reconciled but it stemmed from an incident where he hit her. Thus it left her afraid of him. Christine has tried to work things out between the two of them but it did not seem like she was successful. He spent Thanksgiving with his father’s former second wife, Janelle, and her children.

Despite it all, Gwen and Paedon are a lot more alike than they probably realize. They both are capitalizing on their childhood traumas and their parents’ messy relationship. Plus, fans want to hear what they have to say and what they went through growing up in that family. Therefore, they could maybe build a bridge and be a force to be reckoned with.

What do you think of Gwendlyn getting verified before Paedon? Does she deserve it? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday at TLC.

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