‘DWTS’ Blacklists ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star From Show, Why?

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A Vanderpump Rules star is claiming they have been blacklisted from DWTS. Apparently, an incident that happened a handful of years ago led them to get banned from the show. So, who was it, what was the incident and will they be forgiven? Read on for all of the details.

DWTS Blacklists Vanderpump Rules Star From Show, Why?

Apparently, you can get blacklisted from the popular reality dancing competition show for a bevy of reasons. This is something that a famous Bravolebrity knows all too well. According to The Sun, Scheana Shay opened up about her experience with DWTS and getting shunned from the series. She shared the details on her podcast, Scheananagins and it dates back to 2018 when she went to the show with her mother, Erika. However, Shay brought in a weed pen with her in her purse. That item was forbidden, at the time.

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“In 2018, I go with my mom to see Dancing with the Stars. When we checked in, they found a weed pen in my purse. Apparently, once you cross the gates at the CBS lot it’s like private federal property, and I brought drugs onto that property. At the time, I had my medical card. They didn’t care. They took my ID, they said ‘Don’t ever come back,'” Shay explained.


Then, in 2022, she was asked by contestant Teresa Giudice from RHONJ to come to watch her on the finale. Yet, Shay did not tell the housewife, who left after week two, about what happened in 2018. Teresa reassured Scheana that she and her husband, Brock Davies were on the list and they would not have a problem. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

No Re-Entry

Though Scheana Shay’s name was on the list, there was a problem when the Vanderpump Rules star stepped onto the DWTS lot. “We walk up to the gate, the guy is looking at my ID. … I give him my ID, he looks up, he’s like ‘Hold on.’ And the guy’s like ‘I don’t really know how to say this to you, but your name matches the name of someone who’s not allowed on the property. So my supervisor’s gonna come over and have a talk with you,'” the mother to Summer Moon, shared.

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It seemed she was still blacklisted for what she had done four years prior. After going over the whole story, and the supervisor calling her “marijuana girl,” he changed his tune. That item was no longer banned so she and her husband were allowed into the show and she had a great time. Does this mean she may end up on the show in the future? Don’t forget, she started out on Vanderpump singing and dancing.

Are you surprised that a weed pen got her blacklisted from DWTS? More so, would you like to see Scheana as a celeb dancer? Let us know in the comments below.


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