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Clayton Echard Remains Thankful For Susie Evans Post Split

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Clayton Echard is appreciative of his relationship with Susie Evans now that it’s over. He and Susie fell in love on The Bachelor but didn’t have an easy road to happiness. It took Clayton realizing he wanted her after he told Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia he loved them and after she’d already left.

Once he pursued her, they were able to make it work and moved in together. He had a really hard time with people being mean to him online and he dealt with the fallout from his season. Clayton wasn’t prepared for the negativity that came his way while his show aired. When he and Susie split, fans were upset. They’d really been pulling for the two of them to make it. Both of them have said they needed space to truly discover who they are and their passions.

Clayton Echard Is Grateful For Susie Evans

When he stopped by the podcast Bachelor Happy Hour, he talked a bit more about how he feels about Susie Evans. Clayton Echard said he had a moment that was clear to him and he just felt so thankful.

He also said he doesn’t see how people make influencing look easy, he found it challenging. This is where Susie came in. He said he’d, “lost all stability and structure,” according to Bachelor Nation. She helped him with social media and influencing. Everyone noticed how great they were together on TikTok and Instagram. Clayton said she helped him look up trends and learn how to cater to his followers.

Susie Evans, TikTok
Susie Evans, TikTok

He added that when he wanted to go back to the nine-to-five, Susie told him not to give up. As we reported, Clayton is now really enjoying being able to reach out to followers about mental health. He’s also working on fitness and training other people, something he loves to do.

He Praised Her & Wrote Her A Letter

Clayton Echard revealed that he wrote Susie a message to tell her that she made his life better and thanked her. He said he also apologized for what he put her through. Echard said, “I hurt her in a lot of ways. I didn’t mean to, but sometimes I did.”

Clayton Echard, TikTok
Clayton Echard, TikTok

He supports her wholeheartedly and said she’s an “incredible human being.” The former Bachelor doesn’t have anything bad to say about her and he does wish things had been different. Nothing really went wrong, they just realized they weren’t compatible according to him.  His mental health is also in a much better place now that all of his season has aired and he’s worked on himself a bit.

What do you think about Clayton and Susie’s relationship? Do you think had he been in a better mental state, they would have worked out? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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