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Clayton Echard Passes On ‘Bachelor’ Advice To Zach Shallcross

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Clayton Echard has decided to pay it forward and pass on what he learned on The Bachelor to Zach Shallcross. The new season will start airing in January and fans have had mixed reviews about the lead. He was one of Rachel Recchia’s final three but was sent home after their overnight together. Fans didn’t think he really go a fair chance, so most were thrilled he’s the new lead.

Clayton really struggled after the release of his season and found it difficult to deal with the negativity he faced online. Some insight he thinks helped him was knowing that he wasn’t alone when he was dealing with the negativity. Other people had been through it and survived. His relationship with Susie didn’t survive, and both said they needed to be apart to find out what they really wanted. He said nothing bad happened, they just weren’t compatible.

Clayton Echard Is Open To Talking To Zach

When talking to the hosts of Bachelor Happy Hour, he was asked if he’d given any advice to the new lead. Clayton Echard said he didn’t talk to Zach but he could contact him if he needs to. He said with the previews he’s seen he thinks he’s, “navigated it a little bit better,” than Clayton thinks he did. Echard said he hasn’t seen much drama in the previews. According to Bachelor Nation, he said he’s heard a lot of great things about him.

Zach Shallcross, YouTube
Zach Shallcross, YouTube

He said he set the bar really low for him by being a “complete trainwreck.” Clayton struggled with falling in love with three women and losing his heart when Susie Evans was gone. The two reconciled but have since broken up and he’s been more focused on his mental health. He says he’s genuinely happy right now and it took him a while to get to that place.

Michelle Young Gave Him Some Advice

Michelle Young gave Clayton Echard some advice before he embarked on his own journey. He was speaking to her on Bachelor Happy Hour. Clayton told her I remember wanting you to lay it all out for me. He said Michelle told him he’d have to, “find a way to let go of control.” He didn’t understand that until he was on the other side of things.

Clayton Echard, YouTube
Clayton Echard, YouTube

Clayton said he tried to control what the public thought and that was one of his main struggles. Seeing things said about the way he handled everything once people saw it air sent him spiraling. How do you feel about Zach as the new Bachelor? Do you think Michelle gave Clayton good advice? Read more about Clayton’s relationship with Susie here. Plus, comment with your thoughts down below.

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