UPtv’s ‘An Eclectic Christmas’ Stars Hannah Galway, Jeremy Walmsley

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UPtv continues its Most Uplifting Christmas Ever with An Eclectic Christmas.

An Eclectic Christmas stars Hannah Galway (Under The Banner Of Heaven, Webcam Cheerleaders), Jeremy Walmsley (When Hope Calls, Royally Wrapped For Christmas), and Kim Roberts (House Of Chains, PAW Patrol).

Isabel Dréan (Christmas On The Rocks, Secret Santa) wrote the script, with Lane Shifter Bishop (Temptation Under The Sun, Mistletoe And Molly) directing.

What Is UPtv’s An Eclectic Christmas About?

According to the UPtv synopsis, “When a small town vintage store owner leaves instructions in her will for inventory to be distributed as Christmas gifts, her out-of-town niece seeks help from a handsome local in identifying recipients from the clues provided.”


When Can You Watch An Eclectic Christmas?

The premiere of An Eclectic Christmas is on Sunday, December 18, at 7 p.m., Eastern, on UPtv. Encore showing includes Sunday, December 24, at 11 p.m., Eastern.

UPtv’s A Christmas Recipe For Romance

Don’t miss UPtv’s A Christmas Recipe For Romance. This airs on Sunday, December 18, at 9:30 p.m., Eastern.

A Christmas Recipe For Romance stars Madeline Leon, Sebastian Sacco, Peggy Calvert, Megan Black, Felipe Aukai, Tsukasa Kondo, Chitom Eze, Anne Lawless, Aaron Kyte, Tara Seignuer, Celestine Caravaggio, David Menear, Lindura, Nanthini Namaasti, Michèle Kaye, Emily Weir, Paul Dick, and Mark Lutley.

According to IMDb, “The owner of a historic inn decides to enter a prestigious cooking contest to win funds for renovations and get free publicity, but she is a horrible cook. She recruits a renowned chef to help but the kitchen isn’t the only thing heating up.”

The encore showing is on Friday, December 23, at 1 p.m., Eastern.

Don’t Miss Sappy Holiday

On Sunday, December 18, at 11:30 p.m., don’t miss Sappy Holiday on UPtv. Sappy Holiday stars Vanessa Sears (14 Love Letters, Romance In The Wilds), Jon McLaren (Christmas On The Rocks, Boyfriends Of Christmas Past), Troy Blundell (UnPerfect Christmas Wish, Clarice), Ariella Cannon (Mistletoe Magic, Fixation), Leo Choy (A Royal Queen’s Christmas, Schitt’s Creek), Joseph Daley (Star Trek: Strange New Worlds,  Chucky), Allison Feliciano (Designated Survivor, Six City), Scout Flint (Sorry About The Demon, A Date), and Susan Hamann (Luckiest Girl Alive, Baby, It’s Cold Inside).

In addition, Diane L. Johnston, Dan Karpenchuk (Home For The Harvest, Autumn Stables), Brigitte Kingsley (My Boss’ Wedding, The Art Of Christmas), Rebecca Lamarche (Santa’s Got Style, Christmas On The Slopes), Chelsea Moorhead (Warrior, Slo Pitch), Derwin Phillips (Invasion, A Very Corgi Christmas), Ari Pollack (The Handmaid’s Tale, Utopia Falls), Colton Royce (The Great Holiday Bake War, My Grown-Up Christmas List), Liam Tobin (Emmerdale Farm, Murdoch Mysteries), and Neil Whitely (A Merry Christmas Wish, The Perfect Pairing) also star in this holiday movie.

According to IMDb, “When a sous chef accidentally discovers her boyfriend is going to propose to her on Christmas Eve, she begins doubting their future together; especially when a handsome maple farmer rescues her from a snowstorm.”

Encore showing includes Friday, December, 23, at 7 p.m., Eastern, on UPtv.

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