UPtv’s ‘Sappy Holiday’ Stars Vanessa Sears, Jon McLaren

Used with UPtv's permission

UPtv continues its Most Uplifting Christmas Ever with Sappy Holiday.

Starring in Sappy Holiday is Vanessa Sears (14 Love Letters, Romance In The Wilds), Jon McLaren (Christmas On The Rocks, Boyfriends Of Christmas Past), Troy Blundell (UnPerfect Christmas Wish, Clarice), Ariella Cannon (Mistletoe Magic, Fixation), Leo Choy (A Royal Queen’s Christmas, Schitt’s Creek), Joseph Daley (Star Trek: Strange New Worlds,  Chucky), Allison Feliciano (Designated Survivor, Six City), Scout Flint (Sorry About The Demon, A Date), Susan Hamann (Luckiest Girl Alive, Baby, It’s Cold Inside), Diane L. Johnston, Dan Karpenchuk (Home For The Harvest, Autumn Stables), Brigitte Kingsley (My Boss’ Wedding, The Art Of Christmas), Rebecca Lamarche (Santa’s Got Style, Christmas On The Slopes), Chelsea Moorhead (Warrior, Slo Pitch), Derwin Phillips (Invasion, A Very Corgi Christmas), Ari Pollack (The Handmaid’s Tale, Utopia Falls), Colton Royce (The Great Holiday Bake War, My Grown-Up Christmas List), Liam Tobin (Emmerdale Farm, Murdoch Mysteries), and Neil Whitely (A Merry Christmas Wish, The Perfect Pairing).

Lisa Hepner (Love At The Lodge, The Christmas Checklist) wrote the script, with Andrew Cymek (Picture Perfect Romance, My Grown-Up Christmas List) directing.

Used with UPtv's permission
Used with UPtv’s permission

What Is UPtv’s Sappy Holiday About?

According to the UPtv synopsis, “Stranded in a small town after her car breaks down, Joy meets the charming James, a local trying to save his family’s maple farm.”

Used with UPtv's permission
Used with UPtv’s permission

When Can You Watch Sappy Holiday?

The premiere of Sappy Holiday is on Saturday, December 17, at 7 p.m., Eastern, on UPtv. Encore showings include Sunday, December 18, at 11:30 p.m., and Friday, December 23, at 7 p.m., all times Eastern.

UPtv’s Christmas With A Prince: Becoming Royal

On Saturday, December 17, at 9 p.m., Eastern, don’t miss UPtv’s Christmas With A Prince: Becoming Royal. This stars Kaitlyn Leeb, Nick Hounslow, and Josh Dean.

According to the synopsis, “One year after Dr. Tasha and Prince Alec met and fell in love, Tasha is on her way to spend the holidays in San Saverre and get a taste of royal life. When Alec surprises her with a royal engagement, she spends her first magical days there trying to stay grounded while managing the task of planning a royal wedding. But when Miranda starts scheming to break the two up, it will take a big sacrifice and a Christmas miracle to make sure they get the holiday royal wedding of their dreams.”

There is an encore showing on Monday, December 19, at 9 p.m., Eastern, on UPtv.

Don’t Miss UPtv’s Mistletoe And Molly

On Saturday, December 17, at 11 p.m. Eastern, on UPtv is Mistletoe And Molly. This stars Jennifer Snow, and Joshua Roach.

In this movie, Molly is struggling as a waitress to make ends meet. She cannot even get her car out of the impound lot.

A customer hears her and gives her a tip big enough to cover it. Soon, they get to know each other.

However, it turns out that he is a good pal of the guy who may hire Molly. Can she trust him?


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