‘Teen Mom’ Brawl Between Briana & Ashley Requires Security

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A Teen Mom brawl broke out between Briana DeJesus and Ashley Jones. It got so bad that security had to intervene and take control. Of course, these brawls are nothing uncommon between co-stars. So, what precipitated things getting out of hand? Read on for more details.

Teen Mom Brawl Between Briana & Ashley Requires Security

Briana has gotten into it with Kailyn Lowry. That was all over social media and in the press. Now, it is time to film the Family Reunion final retreat but the two women could not hold back. According to The Sun, the girls were headed on a retreat to bring Season 2 to a proper end. However, that was not exactly what happened.

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The retreat seemed to be exciting enough. MTV had planned cabin parties, bungee jumping, and white water rafting for the ladies who were involved. Then, it all went south when Ashley yelled at Briana. In the clip, she is seen and heard shouting “f**k you” at her castmate. That obviously lit a fuse within DeJesus. Briana then flew across the room to attack Ashley but security blocked this from going even further than it could have.

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Obviously, this left everyone involved and in the room in shock. Does this mean that the retreat is off or will Ashley and Briana be the ones that are left behind for the poor behavior? The truth is, Ashley instigated it by yelling profanity at Briana. She must have known that it would fire up Briana enough to lash out at her. Therefore, they should be the ones who are left behind and the others should enjoy the trip. Yet, what fun would that be for viewers?

Who’s In The Wrong?

Though it looks like Ashley was the one who started this whole mess, she believes that it was the producers who instigated it all. The Teen Mom star talked about the fight which happened over the summer. She took to her podcast, I Need Wine, to properly address the situation. “A certain producer came to my room and asked me if I would call out a certain person and if I would disclose their business and if I would be willing to take on this great challenge,” Ashley recalled.

Teen Mom Fans Worry For Ashley Jones [Credit: Ashley Jones/Instagram]
[Credit: Ashley Jones/Instagram]
Originally, she said no and started to feel off about everything. “So you come to me with this grand concocted plan as though I don’t have a brand of my own and as though I just operate like that. I felt really f***ing disrespected at the fact that two of them came in there,” she added. There was talk of Ashley not fleeing if she got attacked due to editing issues, which she did not like. Plus her mom as well as Briana’s mom were also involved. There was not much more she could share due to it being aired on the show.

Ultimately, the girls were sent home early. Do you think Ashley and Briana were falsely set up? More so, do you think Briana and Ashley’s drama was real or staged? Let us know in the comments below.


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