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Evan Peters Explains Hardest Part Of ‘Dahmer’ Transformation

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Most subscribers assume the most difficult part of stepping into the role of Jeffrey Dahmer in the Netflix series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story for Evan Peters was actually taking on the persona of a serial killer. Now, there is no question that taking on the character would be mentally and emotionally challenging for anyone. The first-time Golden Globe nominee did such a beautiful job stepping into the role that many Netflix subscribers joked it actually made them a bit terrified of him as a person.

What was the most difficult part of stepping into the persona of Jeffrey Dahmer for this 35-year-old? Fortunately, opened up about his experience to VarietyWhile even the actor himself admitted the role was a mental and emotional challenge, there was something else about stepping into Dahmer’s shoes that was far more difficult for him. What was it?

Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer, Netflix

Evan Peters: How hard was stepping into Jeffrey Dahmer’s persona?

Evan Peters reveals it was a “real struggle” to even agree to take on the role of Jeffrey Dahmer. Ultimately, it was the confidence and trust he had in Ryan Murphy that made him agree to step into the persona.

“I knew that you’re an incredible support system and I trust you and there’s an honesty there. I knew that, with the goal in mind of finishing this thing as strong as I started it, that you would create a great safety net. If I fell down, I could get back up and we could finish this thing. I was up for the challenge.” Peters explained referring to Murphy.

As those who are familiar with Evan Peters know, this isn’t the first time he’s worked with Ryan Murphy. He was part of American Horror Story Season 1. He also made an appearance during Season 1 of Pose.

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Netflix YouTube

The physical transformation was incredibly difficult

For Evan Peters, it was physically transforming into Jeffrey Dahmer that was challenging for him. He had to go on an extreme diet that included no carbs and no sugar so he could drop the 15 pounds he needed to ditch to look the part.

I didn’t really have an appetite during the early stages of shooting. Then I was working out for episode 3 when Dahmer gets into working out and gained about 20 pounds for the end in prison to show how he looked then.”

Ultimately, the actor’s performance as Jeffrey Dahmer did earn him his very first Golden Globe nomination. And, there is no denying he did an incredible job. But, it definitely wore on him and he’s ready to explore more lighthearted roles for a while. The actor explains that he wants to take a beat on the deep and dark characters for a period of time.

Fans of Evan Peters look forward to seeing what roles he steps into next.

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