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Sister Wives stars Robyn and Meri Brown have always acted like it’s neither Kody’s nor their fault that the family is breaking apart. However, in the latest episode, eagle-eyed fans found a scene that basically exposed their true feelings. While discussing the Christmas plans with Janelle and Kody, the duo didn’t have the look of someone who has love and respect for their sister wives. What was going on? Keep reading to find out the details!

Kody Brown Isn’t Happy With Janelle’s Holiday Plans

The only thing Robyn gets right in Season 17 Episode 14 is the fact that the family lacks communication and they have the habit of sweeping everything under the rug. Apart from that, she and Meri have been the ones who were always cold towards Janelle and Christine.

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In the episode, Kody is offended by Janelle’s plans for the holiday season. Janelle starts by stating that she would never leave her kids alone to spend Christmas with Kody and Robyn. Her best option is that all of her children except Maddie would arrive in town for Christmas. Moreover, to ensure no conflict happens, the rest of the family is staying in a Flagstaff Airbnb.

Janelle Chooses Her Kids Over Robyn, Meri, And Kody

Defending her decision, Janelle revealed that her boys, Garrison and Gabriel, are not welcome at Kody’s house. On top of that, he expects them to apologize to Robyn. She stated in her confessional that she wasn’t going to leave her kids in Flagstaff while celebrating Christmas with Robyn, Meri, Kody, and their kids.

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Although Meri did understand Janelle’s situation and sided with her in the confessional, she didn’t say anything to defend her in front of Kody. Rather she looks cold and unwelcoming, reciprocating Robyn’s feelings.

Meri And Robyn Act Cold Towards Janelle Brown

On Reddit, Sister Wives fans shared a picture of Robyn and Meri looking grumpy and grim from the Christmas discussion episode with Janelle and Kody. The OP wrote, “This is the very picture of a loving, empathetic, and forgiving relationship. NOT.”

“I’m sure it was very cold out but DAMN, Meri’s body language in this photo…” said another.

A third fan chimed in, “I find Meri to be incredibly immature for a woman her age. It even shows in her body language. Same with Kody.”

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Although Kody has been upfront about his feelings towards Meri, stating that he doesn’t consider himself married to her, she still sticks around. At this point in the TLC series, Christine is divorced, Janelle is separated, and Meri is basically invisible. Yet, among the three, Meri chooses Kody over herself. She even sides with Kody and Robyn. If not verbally, her body language says it all.

“Janelle did lay it out stating that she has no intention of being involved in any reconciliation between Kody, Robyn, and Janelle’s kids. And she will not accommodate Kody and Robyn in making her Christmas plans with her children. Kody and Robyn need to work their shit out. That was brilliant!!” said a fourth fan.

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Do you think Meri and Robyn are very cold and hard-hearted towards Janelle? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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