Insider Reveals Strange Grip Kody Brown Has Over Meri

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Many Sister Wives fans wonder what hold Kody Brown has over his first wife, Meri. Despite the fact that they have virtually no relationship, she still sticks around. She has said that she is not going anywhere and remains committed to the plural family. Even in a recent episode, she admitted she still has hope that things could change between herself and Kody. Though he has said he wants nothing with Meri, an insider has revealed the strange grip he has over her. So, what is it? Read on for more details.

Insider Reveals Strange Grip Kody Brown Has Over Meri

Meri has said she is staying in the plural family no matter what. After Kody’s third wife, Christine exited the marriage, his fourth wife, Robyn had a chat with Meri. She practically begged her to stay and rebuild the family. Meri was not going anywhere but she looks like a fool to many. In the latest episode, Kody noted that Meri is doing what needs to be done as a wife but it does not matter. He does not want a relationship with her. Furthermore, he has even suggested she move to her B&B or noted he would not be mad if she chose to move on. Why does she stay?

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According to In Touch Weekly, a source spoke on this hold that he has over Meri, whom he wed in 1990. “It’s no secret that she’s been to hell and back in that relationship. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if she bolted, but for some strange reason she’s still loyal to him. They have the most dysfunctional relationship ever,” the source revealed.

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A big question now is if Meri will be the next one to leave Kody. In the preview for the upcoming three-part tell-all, second wife, Janelle confirmed that she had separated from Kody. This is now the second wife to leave the family. Third wife Christine exited back in early 2021 but did not make the announcement until November 2021.

Will She Leave?

At this point, Meri has no reason to leave Kody Brown and her situation. She spends a lot of time at her B&B in Parowan, Utah. Her best friend, Jenn is the manager there so she has a reason to frequently escape to the inn. Plus, she travels extensively with LuLaRoe as she is highly successful with the company. Therefore, she is living her own life on her own terms while still considering herself a part of the plural family. More may be revealed when the tell-all begins though she still has a blind loyalty to Kody.

Do you think that Meri and Kody thrive in their dysfunction which is the grip he has over her? Let us know and watch Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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