Captain Lee Rosbach Leaving ‘Below Deck’ Due To Health Issues

Captain Lee Rosbach | YouTube

Captain Lee Rosbach is leaving Below Deck because of medical issues. He told his crew about his departure on Monday night’s episode, exiting during Season 10.

Here is what Captain Lee told his crew and what this means for the show.

Captain Lee Rosbach leaves Below Deck

On Monday night’s episode of Below Deck, Captain Lee Rosbach had some shocking news for his crew. He announced he was leaving in the middle of Season 10. Captain Lee came onboard the boat this year with nerve damage bothering him. However, he said he had hoped it would get better as the season rolled on. Sadly, the symptoms never improved. It has gotten so bad that he said he couldn’t feel the left side of his body.

Captain Lee Rosbach | YouTube

“I expected a lot more progress than I’m experiencing, and the most frustrating part about it is, I can’t do a god d— thing about it, and it’s hard,” he said. Lee then told his chef, Rachel Hargrove, that this was one of the “most humbling experiences of my life.”

When it comes to why he chose to leave, Captain Lee said he had to do what was right by his crew. He said they expect that from him, and he has to put the best interests of his crew ahead of his own wants. He said the first thing a captain has to do is check their ego at the door. Because of this, he looked at his situation and realized it was best for everyone for him to leave.

What is next for Below Deck?

This isn’t the first time that Captain Lee Rosbach left the show and his boat. He also left in Season 9 after suffering an injury. At that time, he told his first officer, Eddie Lucas, that he had to go because of his injury. However, he came back after only missing a few episodes. Sean Meagher took his place as the captain for the episodes that he missed.

Captain Lee Rosbach | YouTube

However, it looks like this will be a much longer absence for Captain Lee. It will also be very different for Below Deck fans who have only known this one captain for the 10 seasons of the series. Yet, this isn’t the only show that required a captain change.

The number one spinoff series, Below Deck Med saw Captain Mark Howard leave after one season. However, Captain Sandy Yawn has been in charge since that time, logging six seasons as the captain of the boat. Below Deck: Sailing Yacht only had Captain Glenn Shephard for three seasons.

With that said, it will take a special captain to replace Captain Lee Rosbach on the OG Below Deck series. In this week’s episode, Captain Lee called someone about the captain position, but fans will have to tune in next week to see who replaces him.

Are you sad to see Captain Lee Rosbach leaving Below Deck? Let us know and send your positive thoughts to the good captain in the comments below.

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