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Will Kody Brown Find A New Wife To Save The TLC Series?

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Now that Kody Brown is down two wives, will he need to start looking for another? In the trailer for the Sister Wives tell-all, Janelle and Kody both confirmed they were separated. This means that he is left with Robyn and Meri, in who he has no interest. Therefore, without his wives, how can the TLC series survive? Does this mean that he needs to start looking for a new wife to save the show since it is all bout plural marriage? Read on for more details.

Will Kody Brown Find A New Wife To Save The TLC Series?

How is Kody going to save a show that is solely about polygamy? In the latest episode, he revealed that he is in a “dark place” with plural marriage. This makes perfect sense as he was going through a divorce and his remaining wives could not find a common ground. Now, with the news that Janelle has exited the marriage, will he start to look for a new recruit?

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A Reddit thread was started to discuss this. “Does anyone else think Kody is going to take a new sister wife to try to stay relevant? There is no show left and I hope Janelle & Christine get the spin off,” the thread began. At first, fans did not think it would happen. More so, they did not believe Robyn would allow it. Then, there were some who did think that, after some time, he would start the search. “I think Kody will go in a hole for a year or two and come out with a woman in her 20s,” one Redditor shared.

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Another added: “Every time someone asks this I always wonder who the hell would marry him? Certainly not anyone who has seen the show lately.” There was one person who felt that Robyn would do it for the TLC cash but that Kody just would not be able to do it. At this point, he might just be too jaded to even want to try again. Finally, someone had this to say: “No – if anything they would try to fake out the viewing public by pretending to take Meri back. That’s what I predict – but if it happens – it’s all an act.”

Robyn Didn’t Want Monogamy

The one thing that Robyn keeps pointing out is that she never wanted monogamy. She chose Kody Brown out of all of her suitors because of the lifestyle he was in. So, if she is the only real wife, will she even want to stay? Will that be the reason Kody would have to find another wife, not just for the show but to save his marriage to Robyn? There are so many factors he probably does not even want to think about. As he said in the tell-all preview, he is divorced from Christine but separated from Janelle. Maybe he still has some hope.

Do you think Kody is going to start looking for another wife to keep the show going or is he over plural marriage? Let us know and watch part one of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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