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‘Sister Wives’ Why Robyn Brown Really Latched On To Kody?

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Turns out, Robyn Brown had her sights on Kody long before fans even knew about it. Speaking to Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball, a journalist that dove deep into polygamy for years had some tea to spill ob Robyn dumping her husband David and getting with Kody. The journalist alleges that Kody and Robyn didn’t just magically stumble on each other and fall in love. This journalist alleges that Robyn saw Kody Brown’s family rising to fame and she decided she wanted a piece of the action.

Did Robyn Brown approach Kody for his money?

As Sister Wives fans know, Robyn and David shared three children. Per Without A Crystal Ball’s sourceRobyn just suddenly made the decision to leave her husband one day. It was reportedly a decision that left David and those who knew the couple dazed and confused.

Turns out, Kody Brown and his family had just started to rise to fame when Robyn made the decision to leave her husband David. Kody’s family had gained all sorts of attention and people all over the community were talking about them.

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This reportedly tickled Robyn’s fancy as she had a lot of dreams. She wanted to be famous. She wanted to meet Oprah. She pictured herself writing a best-selling book. Most importantly, Robyn also didn’t want to have to worry about money.

She quickly got with Kody after leaving David

It took a little more than a year for her to leave her husband David and connect with Meri and Kody. The journalist speaking to Katie Joy claims that Robyn set her sights on Kody because she knew his family could be her meal ticket.

The journalist claimed: “she [Robyn] played him and his wives like a fiddle, and worked to get exactly what she craved.”

Robyn Brown from TLC, Sister Wives

Now, this ended up working out pretty well for Kody Brown as well. Katie Joy notes that Kody seized the opportune situation by demanding Robyn be loyal and obedient to him.

The journalist agreed: “Oh absolutely. Kody found a woman that he could control and fuel his narcissism by her constant enabling of him. They really became a team against the rest of the family.”

Do you think Robyn Brown approached Kody because she saw his family rising to fame and she wanted a piece of the pie? Was Robyn Brown a mastermind that set this up so perfectly so she would be the last wife standing with the husband and the riches? Share your thoughts on this juicy piece of Sister Wives tea in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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  1. Absolutely! Robyn is a failed actress who wanted fame. Nothing wrong with that except she ruined a family specifically their children’s relationships with their father. And she badly tries to feign innocence. Which clearly shows why she is a failed actress.

    I don’t know what goes on in the Kooter and Robyn house, I can speculate. It isn’t good and her eldest daughters unfortunately are going to pay a price. Hopefully the price will be learning what not to be as a decent human being, but the scuttle butt on the internet is Kooter might be jonesing for new wives and someone seeking fame without caring about others will definitely do heinous things.

  2. Kody Brown’s only concern is himself! What a narcissist. He’s always complaining and accusing everyone but Robin & never seems to care about anyone else, children included! Get over yourself!

  3. My question is why would David let Kody actually adopt his kids? If David was a great husband and father and this was such a shock I would think he would fight for his children….Has anyone seen the divorce papers to know what is listed as the cause?

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