Victor Lewis-Smith Dead At 65

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Sad breaking news — broadcaster and writer Victor Lewis-Smith has been confirmed dead at 65. His sudden and unexpected death was confirmed over the weekend by his publicist and agent, Mark Borkowski. He tweeted as he confirmed Victor’s passing: “I am in deep shock … Struggling to come to terms with the loss of a unique and irreplaceable talent.”

Who was Victor Lewis-Smith? And, have any details about his passing been revealed? Keep reading for the details currently available.

Writer and broadcaster Victor Lewis-Smith dead at 65

Per The Sun, the writer and broadcaster was reported to be feeling unwell at the time of his death. He passed away over the weekend in Bruges, Belgium. The writer was best known for his work in the satirical magazine Private Eye. Victor was a multi-talented individual who wore a lot of different career hats at the time of his passing.

For example, he managed a production company that was called Associated-Rediffusion Productions Limited. He was also the executive producer of ITV1 Annual National Food & Drink Awards.

Back in 1993, he co-authored and produced a sketch show for BBC2 called Inside Victor Lewis-Smith.

Branching out a bit, Victor even dabbled as a television reviewer as well as a food critic. For a period of time, he even had a job writing restaurant reviews for The Guardian.

Victor Lewis-Smith kicked off his prolific career at BBC Radio Medway. During the 70s, he made the decision to attend the University of York to study music. He followed up during the 80s as a producer for both BBC Radio 4’s Midweek and Start The Week.

In response to his passing, many of his fans have taken to social media to share some of their favorite memories of Victor. Most agreed his “rude” and hilarious sense of humor wasn’t for the tenderhearted.

Rest in peace, Victor Lewis-Smith.

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