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The Real Reason Kody Brown Is Such A Horrible Father?

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Sister Wives fans have decoded the real reason Kody Brown is such a horrible father. After accusing Christine Brown of being the Pied Piper and taking away his kids, he has now placed the same blame on Janelle as well. From skipping Ysabel’s surgery to forgetting Gabriel’s birthday, Kody has done it all to prove he is a worse father to his kids than he is a husband to his wives. Here is what fans have to say about Kody being a bad parent!

Kody Brown Is Preoccupied With His Favorite Kids

Kody Brown has 18 children with his four wives. However, except for Mykelti, he doesn’t have a good relationship with any of the kids he shared with Christine, Janelle, or Meri. On the other hand, he is head-over-heels for his kids with Robyn including the three kids he adopted from Robyn’s previous marriage.

Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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Although his youngest one with Christine is just 12, he seems more concerned about Solomon (11) and Ariella (6). The rest of the Brown kids are over 18 and live on their own away from their families. Moreover, Kody has been an absent father for years. Plus, now his older children are speaking out against him pointing out his negligence over the years.

Kody Brown Chose To Miss Out On Ysabel’s Surgery

A change in his attitude towards the older kids was especially evident during the COVID phase. He actively chose to miss out on Ysabel’s surgery. However, he was excited to officiate his friend’s wedding ignoring his very own COVID rules. Although Ysabel was suffering from pain for years, Kody wanted her to ignore the pain longer until COVID is no more in the picture.

Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

However, as a mother, Christine couldn’t see her child in pain and took it upon herself to help Ysabel. The 19-year-old has tried her best not to hold a grudge against her father. However, in her confessional, she shared that she was disappointed and sad.

Should Kody Brown Try To Be The Bigger Person As A Parent?

On Reddit, Sister Wives fans discussed how Kody has been a horrible father. The OP discussed how Kody retaliated after Janelle asks him to work things out with his kids stating she can’t be in the middle of it or it will ruin things with the kids. However, Kody argued, “They get to pick and chose who they hang out with, but I don’t. It’s weird to me.”

As a parent, Kody should not pick and chose his favorite kids. The OP stated that he should try and be the bigger person to make things right with his kids.

Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Another agreed, “Yep! Kody is so full of himself, he won’t even pick up the telephone to call his own kids. Then he blames their MOMS for HIS lack of a relationship with HIS kids. He and Robyn are SOOOO GROSS.”

Every time Kody feels one of his wives is trying to voice her disappointment with their relationship, he blames them for manipulating the kids. Rather than pitching in some effort to mend his strained relationship with the kids, Kody plays the blame game!

Do you think Kody should step up as a parent and stop blaming his wives? Share your thoughts in the comments and check back with TV Shows Ace for more on Sister Wives!

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