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Robyn Brown Busted For Lying, Tries To Alter The Past?

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Robyn Brown has been caught in a lie and now she is trying to rewrite history. In the last few episodes, Robyn has been playing the innocent fawn. Yet, fans have caught her being dishonest and they are now calling her out on this. What exactly did Kody’s favorite wife lie about and how is she trying to alter history? Read on for more details.

Robyn Brown Busted For Lying, Tries To Alter The Past?

In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Kody referred to Robyn as the best communicator of all his wives. Yet, as it turns out, she may also be a liar. Fans have often called her manipulative and nicknamed her “Sobyn” Robyn but now they have found a solid inconsistency. When Kody and Janelle went out for lunch, he said that her sons owed Robyn an apology. Of course, Robyn did not want Kody speaking for her. Plus, she said she just wanted to clear the air with them and never demanded an apology from them.

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However, that was not exactly what occurred. A Reddit thread was started to remind viewers how it all initially went down. “Robyn saying she didn’t ask for the apology and “why is he talking about me” in the apology discussion is the biggest load of crap. Remember the episode where she was boohoo-ing about getting texts and being blamed for the protocols? I do,” it started. It is believed that she got so far into Kody’s head and needs to just own up to that.

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“I love how Janelle is calling Robyn’s lies and antagonistic behavior out. We all knew it…she’s just confirming!” one noted. Another added: “If Robyn didn’t want to be brought in she should have called it out right then and there not wait for it to be a private interview later. She is so fake and thinks viewers are dumb enough to be fooled.”

Mending Fences?

Robyn Brown keeps alleging that she wants to fix her relationships within the family, mainly with her sister wives. Every time she mentions mending relationships, Kody jumps and gets nervous. He automatically believes that she thinks that they need to work on their marriage. Yet, it is the family as a whole that needs to be rebuilt as they just cannot work together. Even when Kody was talking about having Gabe and Garrison at Christmas 2021, he was hitting a wall. Janelle knew he said that he wanted an apology but he claims that he clarified it to something different with Robyn jumping in.

The family has become extremely fractured and, at this point, Robyn and Kody might be the last ones standing with Meri on the side. Do you think Robyn is trying to rewrite history to suit herself? Let us know and watch part one of Sister Wives One-On-One next Sunday on TLC.

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  1. Robyn attacked Christine when she announced she was leaving sooner then expected. She should have been keeping her mouth shut when it came to matters of the relationship between Christine and Kody. Now, with Christine gone she has turned her mouth on Janelle and Kody’s relationship when she should be keeping her mouth shut. Even if he ask her response should be that is between you and Janelle and I am going to remain neutral. The only one she doesn’t have an issue with is Meri. the one her husband doesn’t want anything to do with, imagine that! Why didn’t she invite Janelle to her little rebuild meeting with Meri, if it’s all about fixing things?

  2. We don’t know.what Robin says behind closed doors. I would guess she manipulates Kody regarding EVERYONE, including regarding Meri. I say that because she followed all of those crazy rules and still she couldn’t visit. The preview was nuts. how can they rewrite history. so their mouths were moving amd although the mouths match the words are wrong? what? Kody and Robin should be taken off the air for lying and not being real. You can tell the oyhers tried to be real and they wouldnt let it happen. Give us Christine and Janelle living the Reality.

  3. I believe this is what Kody has wanted for a long time. I believe the reason he rejected all three of his former wives sexually is because he can’t perform sexually unless the woman is extremely submissive. Once a woman stands up to him he can’t “cut the mustard.” He wanted out of polygamy but didn’t want to be “judged” for deserting the women so he passive/aggressively pushed them all away. Now he whines about disloyalty. I call BS on him. Now he has Robin and her million dollar house. And it will be interesting to see if he tries to screw the women out of a fair financial settlement because, after all, Sobyn is the only one legally married to him. I really despise that guy. I didn’t blame Meri a bit when she went online and tried to find what her deadbeat husband refused to give her.

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