Olivia Culpo Is Pure Gold In Stylish Street Look With High Heels

Olivia Culpo, YouTube

Olivia Culpo was seen strutting her stuff on a swanky street while rocking a head-to-toe gold look complete with heels.

The 30-year-old model and reality star has been making 2022 headlines for promoting high-end brands, and there’s a new shout-out on her Instagram. Olivia is already a promo face for Dolce & Gabbana’s fragrances, plus an influencer for the Italian label Fendi. Now, she’s promoting classic Italian designer Valentino. Valentino currently has stars including singer Lady Gaga and actress Zendaya signed. Now, Olivia Culpo is joining those big names.

Showing Off Her Amazing Style In Gold Look

Posting both photos and a little video action, Olivia delighted her followers while sauntering down a street that was seemingly in a fancy area. The Model Squad star offered no geotag, but her look was definitely Italian. Olivia was rocking a gorgeous two-piece look from Valentino, going for a rich gold fabric pants and jacket ensemble. She opted for slight kaftan accents up top, plus a flared and bell-bottom finish to her pants, which almost covered her shoes.

Culpo also held a light gold clutch while donning statement dark shades for a little Hollywood glam. Choosing to wear her dark locks swept back, the glam queen added in a matte face of makeup while driving fans to swipe. Here, the Valentino bag and its logo got a little more promo, with Olivia then going to a video as she was seen back in the street. In a caption, the star wrote: “@maisonvalentino #ValentinoThePartyCollection.”

Loves An ‘Extra’ Look

Olivia has, for years, topped celebrity-style files. She’s rocked pink Chanel miniskirt-and-crop-top looks, plus enough bikinis to put Emily Ratajkowski out of business.

Olivia Culpo - Youtube
Olivia Culpo – Youtube

“Well, in my opinion, ‘extra’ can be good and fun. I actually think that there are no mistakes in fashion. Fashion for me is self-expression and I will never say that what I was feeling or wearing at a particular time was wrong. I try to tell my fans that, also.  Many of them love fashion and the excitement in it is to take chances. It is your art,” she told Glamour.

Revealing Her Fashion Icons

During the feature, Olivia also dropped whom she looks up to on the style front.

“I take inspiration from everybody from celebrities to bloggers to media outlets. I love to look at what JLo is wearing because I think she always feels so glamorous and unashamedly over the top. I also love Blake Lively’s style overall,” she added.

Olivia has branched into fashion with the launch of her CULPOS x INC brand, but the label didn’t really seem to take off. She did, however, enjoy moderate success with her pandemic-launched More Than A Mask brand. For now, though, it’s all about that gold Valentino look!

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