Kody Brown Now Convinced Janelle Is Taking His Children Too

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Kody Brown has convinced himself that his second wife is taking his children from him. After Janelle sat and had a chat with him about the holidays, Kody was not happy. Though much of the divide between him and his children is his doing, he does not want to be accountable for it. Therefore, he is blaming Janelle but is it really on her? Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Now Convinced Janelle Is Taking His Children Too

In the latest episode of Sister Wives, talk of the holidays 2021 came up. Janelle made it clear that she would be in North Carolina with her daughter, Maddie for Thanksgiving. However, her obligation would be to the Flagstaff family for Christmas. Unfortunately, Kody had made her sons Gabe and Garrison feel incredibly unwelcome. Essentially, he said that they had to apologize to him and Robyn for their behavior during the pandemic or Christmas would not work.

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Janelle brought this up and explained that her sons had gotten a B&B in town for the holidays. All of her kids, minus Maddie, were going to be in Flagstaff for Christmas. They got this vacation home for two reasons. The first was that Janelle’s new apartment is simply too small for everyone. Secondly, they know that they are not welcome at their dad’s home so they did what they felt necessary. This made Kody feel like his kids were being taken away by Janelle, and pitted against him.

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Kody claims that he changed it to them clearing the air, making it comfortable. In a clip from TLC, Kody explains how he feels Janelle is talking in his kids’ ears. Furthermore, Kody thinks that Janelle is telling the boys that they have to apologize, which she did. She is arguing that was what he initially said but he combats that with the notion that he had since altered how he felt. There’s a lot of back and forth with no resolution.

Happening Again

Kody Brown has been in this position before. When he and Christine were getting divorced, he believed that she had been turning their kids against him. He did not appreciate that she would talk to them about wanting to leave the marriage prior to discussing it with him. At one point, he threw Janelle’s daughter, Maddie under the bus by saying that Christine had been venting to her. However, he never actually thinks that he may be a poor excuse for a father and a husband. That he might be the problem.

Do you think it was Janelle’s fault that Kody’s children have issues with him or is it his fault alone? Let us know and watch Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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  1. Kody acts like Robin is all that and a bag of chips. She is very subservient woman. He loves that. The other wives have spines and he does not like that. He is not one to compromise. It is his way of the highway. Own it Kody and enjoy your show ending since you with be left with one wife. Your boys do not want anything to do with a man that treats their feelings,opinions, and mother with little regard. Have a nice life.

  2. I’m glad these ladies are seeing him for what he is. Why they have stuck with him as long as they have mystifies me. I feel bad for mary she just seems like a lonely soul. I love christine and Janelle bc they stand up to his dumb butt. Kody is such a drama queen. He cries as much as robyn. I say sell coyote pass split the money and everyone go their separate ways.

  3. kody deserves nothing especially his children. he rants like a lunatic and takes no ownership for anything. dead beat. waste of space and breathe. even 6 feet under is a waste of dirt.

  4. Kody has to ability call his children on their phones. He should have talked to his sons. He did say that Gabriel and Garrison had to be apologize to him and Robyn. Robyn was all surprised by that.i say B.S. That is what she wanted.
    Janelle is very smart She will make it on her own.

  5. Kody is so inmature, he takes no responsibility and plays the drama queen roll. His ranting about how hard he tried to love Christine, is so self centered and now he’s going after Janelle with the same indignation, and self pitty. He is seeing his cash cow go out of the barn. Hard to sell a show on polygamy with only one wife.

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