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Janelle Brown’s Glorious Eyeroll Blatant Disrespect To Robyn?

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The family meeting near the end of last night’s episode of Sister Wives featured Janelle Brown ready to “take her sh*t and leave.” during a family meeting. According to fan chatter on multiple social media platforms, Janelle’s body language and facial expressions during the circle time conversation left them with goosebumps. Janelle Brown’s perfectly timed eye roll when Robyn was speaking was exactly how fans at home were feeling.

Overall, fans had nothing but praise for Janelle as she continued to call Robyn out on her lies. Some fans admit their only regret is wishing Janelle would have gone a little harder and been a little more aggressive with Robyn.

Janelle Brown has perfectly timed eye roll

On multiple social media platforms, Sister Wives fans everywhere are talking about Janelle Brown’s eye roll. Fans everywhere agree the eye roll was EXACTLY how viewers were feeling as Robyn tried to control the narrative of the family meeting. Fans admit they are disgusted at how both Robyn and Kody try to alter history and tell alternative stories to how things happened as if fans haven’t watched their journey on television.


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One fan penned on Instagram: “Janelle’s eye roll when Robyn said ‘let’s just keep talking’ was absolutely amazing and what every viewer is feeling during this scene. I’m glad Janelle is out of there now! Good for you, girl!”

Here’s what other fans had to say about Janelle’s perfect eye roll:

  • “H*ll yes!!! So beautiful watching Janelle stand up to this JackAss of all!! Robyn is painful to watch on TV… i feel so sorry for her… she keeps digging a hole for herself.”
  • “In both scenes when they all got together, Janelle refused to make eye contact with Robyn. It was very telling. You can see she was seething with disgust whenever Robyn spoke and was likely trying to keep her mouth shut.”
  • “Every time Robyn inserted herself in the conversation, Jenelle’s answer always addressed Kody. I thought it was genius. Jenelle was letting the donkey know that she only wants to discuss her issues with her husband, not with the donkey.”

Across multiple social media platforms, chatter is booming as fans praise the way Janelle handled herself talking to Robyn.

Janelle Brown Sister Wives YouTube

How did you feel when Janelle Brown rolled her eyes as Robyn spoke? Do you agree it was a perfectly timed eye roll? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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