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Here’s Why Kody Brown Can’t Take Accountability For His Actions

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Sister Wives fans believe they know why Kody Brown can’t take accountability for his actions this season. Kody has watched his family fall apart this season. He watched Christine leave him and now the tell-all looks like Janelle is leaving as well. Meri might as well be gone. However, fans blame Robyn for Kody not even trying anymore.

Here are the clues that Robyn has set this family up to fail this season of Sister Wives.

Is Robyn to blame for Kody Brown’s actions?

After this week’s episode, one Sister Wives fan on Reddit looked at a few situations that convinced them that Kody Brown wanted to work things out with his wives. However, in each one, Robyn made sure that he never got the chance.

Robyn Brown on Sister Wives.

In the first example, Kody mentioned that COVID-19 was the battleground and Christine had left. However, while he seemed like he wanted to look into the reasons for the problems, Robyn wouldn’t let him. Instead, she reminded him that he faced too much rejection over the last year and a half, and she then blamed Christine. “You want people to pick sides because you’re going through pain,” she claimed.

While she was excusing his behavior there, she actually stopped him from apologizing in another situation. Just when he was apologizing to his wives, and saying he got “caught in my emotion,” Robyn interrupted him. He admitted he was in the wrong, but she said that Kody was the one who was hurt, and he had the right to be angry.

Finally, a third example was added. In this case, Kody looked back on how things changed when they moved to Arizona. He wondered if moving to Utah could have saved his marriages. Robyn wouldn’t let him think this. She said he was already reconsidering plural marriages before the move. Any time he tried, she put a stop to it all.

Will Kody only have one wife left standing on Sister Wives?

With all the controversy this season, Kody is down to two wives. Christine left during the season, and this was one of the core storylines. While Christine was tired of the drama, Kody attempted to make her the guilty party. Now, on the upcoming tell-all, Janelle has said in the sneak peek that they also separated.

Robyn Brown and Janelle on Sister Wives.

That leaves Meri and Robyn. Kody Brown has already told Meri that he doesn’t consider her a wife anymore, but she isn’t leaving – yet. While Robyn has worked hard to make sure she was the last wife standing, one wonders if Meri will finally wake up and leave, and make Robyn’s hard work pay off.

Do you blame Robyn for Kody Brown not taking accountability for his actions on Sister Wives? Does he even deserve an excuse for his actions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and watch Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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