‘Culpo Sisters’ Season 2: Will Olivia, Sophia, & Aurora Return?

Culpo Sisters, YouTube

The new show The Culpo Sisters follows Olivia Culpo of Miss Universe fame and her two sisters Sophia and Aurora Culpo. They deal with relationship drama and family stress while navigating the influencer lifestyle. Olivia and Sophia both date football stars and Aurora dealt with the end of her marriage on camera.

One of the best parts of the show is their frugal parents Susan and Peter Culpo who don’t know what’s going on or what their daughters do. In a hilarious part of the show, the girls were wrapped like mummies and jumping on small trampolines to detox. Both their parents were completely at a loss for words.

While Olivia is the most well-known Culpo, both her sisters are interesting and give her a run for her money. She lives with Sophia and they fight over clothes and her dogs pooping on everything. Aurora is dealing with being a mom who feels alone all the time. The conversations with her sisters and her mother are heartbreaking. Olivia’s struggles with fertility are also very real and she shared her journey with her endometriosis on her Instagram stating she’s glad she can help others.

Aurora Culpo Shares The Finale

Aurora Culpo shared a preview of the two-hour finale on her Instagram. One fan said, “I literally just binged watch all 6 episodes!! I’m obsessed!” Another said, “finale already,” shocked they only got six episodes. While the show’s debut season was short, TLC most likely wanted to see what type of audience it could draw in before they ordered more episodes.

Aurora Culpo, Instagram
Aurora Culpo, Instagram

Fans got just a taste of what the show could be, and many want to see it get renewed for a second season. Of course, not everyone can be positive. One commenter said, “Sorry. I don’t get this. Who are you guys.., and why does anyone care about such superficial lives!” Another commented on the TLC Instagram, “we need people with real-life stories who are relatable nothing sisters, who have nothing to offer.”

Sophia also posted about the finale. She said it’s been an emotional rollercoaster. Sophia said, “sharing your life isn’t easy, working with family— not always easy.” She went on to say she learned a lot about herself and grew a lot.

Is It Coming Back For Season Two?

There hasn’t been any news saying Olivia, Sophia, and Aurora Culpo will be back, but a lot of fans cannot get enough. One fan came to the show’s rescue on Instagram. They said, “I don’t know why people are bothered by this show so much! If you don’t like it, don’t watch it! stop the cancel thing.”

Olivia Culpo, YouTube
Olivia Culpo, YouTube

Like a lot of TLC shows they love, fans will likely have to wait a while to find out if they’ll get to see some more of the siblings’ lives unfold. What do you think about the show? Have you enjoyed watching the Culpo sister’s antics? Comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. People may be offended by the overt sexual references, i.e. bubble gum flavored film for oral sex; comment to McCaffrey that she’d get a tattoo where only he could see ( referring to her crotch) and so on. I’m not a prude, but turned me right off. Also made me think less of McCaffrey for putting up with her constant focus on taking center stage and I had previously just idolized him. The only thing positive I saw any of the three do was Olivia being a partner with her dad in a restaurant. Otherwise—I’m like her parents, “ what exactly do you do?”. Oh yes. Either wear stupid looking clothes or almost no clothes.

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