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‘Bringing Up Bates’ Family Hints More Babies Are On The Way?

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Is the Bringing Up Bates family hinting that more babies are on the way? Some fans believe that this could be true. Scroll down to get all of the details about these potential hints and find out who fans think will be pregnant next.

The Bates family is always growing with courtships, weddings, and new babies. Many of Gil and Kelly Jo Bates’ adult children are now married and have started their own families. This past year, several new babies joined the crew. The following little ones arrived throughout 2022:

  • Jan. 18: Finley Marie (Chad & Erin Paine’s daughter)
  • March 27: Zade Patrick (Evan & Carlin Stewart’s son)
  • Aug. 2: Cambree Layne (Bobby & Tori Smith’s daughter)
  • Oct. 17: Kenna Joy (Esther & Nathan Bates’ daughter)

Which Bringing Up Bates family members are currently pregnant?

Though 2022 was a busy year for babies, there are still more on the way. Gil and Kelly Jo Bates will soon be grandparents once again.

Gil and Kelly Jo Bates - Instagram - Bringing Up Bates Right now, Katie Bates Clark is expecting her first baby, a girl named Hailey James, who is due in March. Then, in April, Alyssa Bates Webster will welcome her fifth child and first boy.

Is the Bringing Up Bates family dropping hints about more babies on the way?

Over the weekend, as the Bates family celebrated Christmas, which they do before the actual holiday, a couple of sisters mentioned baby fever. As Josie Bates Balka and Lydia Romeike Bates hung out with their nieces, Finley and Cambree, they admitted they had baby fever.

As Lydia held Finley and Josie cuddled up with Cambree, someone snapped a picture of them together. Josie wrote, “Cutest little babies giving us the fever.”

Below, you can see the snap they shared.

Bringing Up Bates- Josie Bates Instagram

Fans share their predictions for future pregnancies.

On Reddit, fans started speculating about who might be pregnant now or very soon. It’s possible there are several Bates daughters and daughters-in-law who are pregnant but just haven’t announced it yet. One fan looked back at previous mentions of baby fever and drew the conclusion that this post could be a sign. They said:

“Every time one of these females mentions the words baby fever, they end up announcing a pregnancy soon after.”

Based on Josie’s pose, some fans believe she is already expecting. One fan said, “Of course she’s pregnant. It’s a strange and unnatural way to hold a baby.”

Another fan agreed, “I am pretty sure Josie is pregnant. Especially with how she was pointing out that Hazel ‘loves babies’ and Josie seems delighted to be holding all the babies.”

For now, no one knows for certain which Bringing Up Bates stars are pregnant and haven’t announced it yet. So, everyone should be om the lookout for official news from the family.

So, do you think this new photo from Josie Bates is a sign that there are more Bringing Up Bates babies on the way? Who do you predict might be pregnant next? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bates family.

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