Robyn Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

Will Robyn Brown Bail Without A Sister Wife To Tower Over?

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Sister Wives viewers generally believe that Robyn Brown is the favorite wife. She appears to want Kody to herself, but also wants sister wives around. So now that the other wives have all checked out, who will Robyn tower over?

Robyn Brown doesn’t appear to be very happy these days

Some Sister Wives viewers suspect that Robyn Brown might actually want out of her marriage. Christine and Janelle have left Kody. Meri is rarely around. These days, Robyn is more or less Kody’s only wife. Now, some fans think she feels empty without anyone to boss around.

Robyn Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Robyn Brown/TLC

“Am I alone in thinking that Robyn wants to leave?” a Reddit user pondered. “I honestly think Robyn wants out of the entire situation. She signed up to be the FAVOURITE wife not the ONLY wife, without comparatively less favoured wives around her, she’s Kody’s default option, not his preferred one.”

The user went on to say they believed Robyn was a “grifter” and now she’s actually trapped with Kody because they’re legally married. All the other wives can easily leave because they’re not legally married to Kody.

“This situation no longer serves Robyn the way it did previously, she no longer has free childcare in the form of her sisterwives, the money appears to be drying up and she’s expressed many time she doesn’t like who Kody is becoming. I don’t think she’ll leave, but I have no doubt that she’s considering it,” they concluded.

Robyn Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Robyn Brown/TLC

“While I don’t see her leaving, I do think she is in a hell of her own making,” another user added. “She loved being the young, thin, perfect wife and could do the whole ‘honeymoon’ phase easily when he was still having to somewhat split time between the four houses. Now she is stuck in a cluttered mansion with this fool as he completely unravels and she can’t get rid of him. Karma is a beautiful thing.”

Do you think Robyn Brown secretly wants out of her marriage? Leave your ideas in the comments.

The fourth wife suffered a personal loss this year

Sadly, Robyn lost her father at the beginning of 2022. Many viewers suspect the show will mention his passing. But some fans are concerned that TLC will exploit Robyn’s grief for a storyline.

“The Death of Robyn’s Dad,” a Redditor wrote online. “We know Paul Sullivan died February 2022, how much of next season will be centered around Robyn’s ‘grief’? I’m positive Robyn will behave as if she is the only fahmaly member to have recently lost a parent (Meri and Janelle who?!?).”

Many of the Brown family members confirmed that they were already filming Season 18. Time will tell what role Robyn plays next year.

There will be a new episode of Sister Wives out tonight at 10 PM eastern time. Tune in and catch up with the Browns.

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  1. Kody ruined the Sister WIVES show for me.
    He has grown more self centered, more immature & more righteous.
    He blames everyone else for problems that he has caused. I’m sick of his hissy fits.
    It is so clear that he just wants Sobyn Robyn. He actually told the other wives that he doesn’t love them! He doesn’t have any physical relations with the other wives. BIG HINT GIRLS. Why are these women hanging on? especially Meri.
    I actually can’t stand to look at him anymore. And Sobyn Robyn is a waste. I think everyone except Kody sees right thru her.
    C’mon Janelle, you are a smart women. Leave him.

  2. I can’t believe Cody blaming everybody else but him. then Robin saying let’s just sit here and try to work it out. the only thing she wants to work out is the cash flow keep coming in from Janelle. I think Cody’s ass is finally jealous over his mouth from the s*** that comes out of it . and for him to think Janelle is keeping the boys from him no Cody’s real truth is you push them boys away. then he talked about covid and how bad it was what he thinks he’s the only one in the world that had it .

  3. please take this show off air. 🙏 It promotes male dominance and demeans and belittles women as it destroys years of hard work by women for women to have rights to think on their own. Not equal rights to man but we will get there and not with showslike this. Robin
    is a co-conspirator n her treatment of the verywomen who have financially supported her and bailed her out of debt.
    PLEASE TAKE THIS SHOW OFF AIR and follow up a show profiles the rise and fall of kotex and Robin after their money trains hit the rails.

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