‘SW’: Photos Of Christine Brown In Junior High Surface

Christine Brown from Instagram

Most people know Christine Brown from her starring role on TLC’s Sister Wives. But before that, she was just an average person living out her daily life.

Before marrying Kody Brown, the TLC star went by “Christine Allred” and was pretty involved in church life. Christine hails from the Allred family, a group that is pretty well-known in fundamentalist Mormon sects. She’s also the granddaughter of Rulon C. Allred, who was murdered by a rival polygamist leader.

The Sister Wives star has given fans glimpses into her past over the years, but fans haven’t seen many childhood photos of her. One Redditor managed to dig up photos from her school days and fans are in love. Keep reading to see the pics!

Redditors dig up photos from Christine Brown’s school days

Sister Wives fans already know that Christine Brown grew up living the polygamist lifestyle. And now that she’s out of it, she seems to be living a much healthier, happier life.

She’s pretty active on social media and is always happy to share her latest adventures with her followers.

Christine Brown from Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

But one Reddit user surprised other Sister Wives fans this week with some fun throwback photos.

“So it turns out my mom went to the same jr. high AND high school as Christine! Christine is a year younger than my mom,” a Redditor wrote online recently. They had yearbook photos to prove it.

Christine Brown school photos from Reddit user dothebork

“I like that even in strict fundamental Mormon rings the girls were rocking mullets and shags LMFAO,” another Redditor wrote in the comments section. Christine Brown is 50 years old, which means these photos were most likely taken in the 1980s. Her family may have followed strict religious rules, but Christine was still all about the latest hairstyles.

Christine Brown school photos from Reddit user dothebork

Several others Redditors pointed out how much she looked like her children in the photos. Christine has six children and fans pointed out they could see each of the kids in her old school photos.

What do you think of the throwbacks? Be sure to leave your ideas in the comments.

Fans think TLC is about to drop a major bombshell

Most of Sister Wives Season 17 has focused on Christine Brown and her departure from the family. But now that she’s officially out of the picture, the focus has shifted to Janelle. It’s clear that her marriage to Kody is falling apart too.

Many fans think this season’s tell-all will feature a huge bombshell. Insiders already confirmed that Janelle and Kody split up, but TLC could choose to make the big announcement during the tell-all.

Either way, fans are incredibly happy to know that both Janelle and Christine Brown are away from Kody. The two women are enjoying the single life and focusing on life after polygamy.

Tune into the newest episode tonight at 10 PM eastern time and see what happens next!

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