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‘Shark Tank’ Fans: Thumbs Down On $250K ReadyFestive Deal

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Shark Tank fans had no use for the ReadyFestive deal, even though it found a shark willing to put up $250,000 for the company to move forward. It was the idea of the company that many fans watching Shark Tank gave a thumbs down to.

Here is what ReadyFestive is, and why the fans disliked it.

What is ReadyFestive on Shark Tank?

Kristina Barnes and Elizabeth Voelker founded the company ReadyFestive, which is basically a holiday gift box subscription service. In each gift box is a batch of festive-themed décor for whatever holiday is upcoming. They wanted a $250,000 investment from a shark along with a 10 percent stake in their company.

ReadyFestive owners on Shark Tank - Episode screencap

According to the ReadyFestive website, they have options right now for Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve, and simple Winter. They also had past boxes for Thanksgiving, Halloween, Fall, Summer, Independence Day, and more. They claim they “source from makers large and small, with the goal of finding the most on-trend, quality decorations and festive items – that you would otherwise have to purchase from several different stores.”

Most of the sharks backed out immediately, with the sharks finding too many flaws in the company. However, Robert Herjavec remains intrigued with subscription model services and gave his own pitch. After haggling, he agreed to put up $250,000 but for an 18 percent stake in the business.

However, while Robert sees a possible future for this company, many Shark Tank fans at home were less impressed. The biggest problem was that ReadyFestive costs $70 a month for the boxes. Needless to say, the show’s fans flocked online to mock the company and anyone who might use it.

Shark Tank fans give ReadyFestive a big thumbs down

Shark Tank fans flooded Reddit with their thoughts on ReadyFestive, and the fact it got a deal on the show. In the episode discussion for the show on Reddit, the top comment said it all. The commenter simply wrote, “it’s Home Goods in a box.” Someone else responded that they thought the exact same thing, but then said that they can see people “liking the convenience of having the company put together matching decor for them.”

ReadyFestive on Shark Tank - Episode screencap

Redditors also had complaints about the company’s thought that shopping for holiday décor was a “hassle.” One Redditor wrote, “The fun of the holiday is browsing the stores.” They also said that they would rather get everything else from Amazon so they could choose what they wanted.

With that said, there are some people who think it is a great idea. After one person called it “dumb” with no other explanation, someone disagreed. “I can think of 1.6 million reasons to disagree. It’s not for everyone but there is definitely a market for it out there,” they wrote.

What were your thoughts about ReadyFestive this week on Shark Tank? Is it a good idea with a built-in audience, or a company that will fall flat in the end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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