‘ABP’ Noah Brown Explains Why He Isn’t Living On Mountain

Noah Brown - episode screencap

Noah Brown has moved off the mountain and is no longer living next to his family. However, this doesn’t have any hidden meaning for the Alaskan Bush People star. He recently explained why he is no longer living on the mountain.

Here is where Noah Brown is living, and why it isn’t on the mountain.

Why doesn’t Noah Brown live on the mountain?

During the recent season of Alaskan Bush People, Noah Brown went to Alaska with Birdie and Rain. His goal was to find a home to buy. Noah wanted to move his wife and kids to Alaska to live in the bush again. By the end of his trip, he found a home and is ready to move back to Alaska.

Noah Brown - episode screencap

However, during this season, people wondered if he would move back at all. Instagram posts showed he was still in Washington with his family. His wife Rhain even posted that the family was living off the mountain, away from the family. However, she said they still worked on the family ranch.

Noah revealed everything about Alaska during the season. He said the family was going to look at their new home in the last episode. He then said they would come back to Washington and prepare for the big move, which wouldn’t come until next spring or summer.

However, why isn’t Noah Brown living on the Brown family property? In an Instagram post, Noah explained they lost everything in the fires that ravaged Washington. The fires roared through the Brown homestead and Noah didn’t just lose his home, but he lost everything he owned.

Bear Brown had no problem moving his wife and child into a tent to stay on the property, but Noah wanted something better for his wife and kids. He got a place to live off the mountain. This allowed them to live in comfort, but they remained close to the ranch so they could return there to work.

Noah Brown - episode screencap

When is Noah Brown moving back to Alaska?

As aforementioned, Noah Brown said that they would move to Alaska next spring or summer. The home Noah found was on an island in Alaska and he bought the entire island. His goal is to fix up the house there and then build around the house on his new island. He even told Gabe that he told Billy he would own this island one day, and it came true.

There are high hopes Alaskan Bush People returns for another season next year. If it does, expect Noah moving to Alaska to remain one of the biggest storylines of the season. The show remains very popular, ranking higher than all but two percent of the reality shows on TV. Having at least Noah go back to Alaska could even bring back some lapsed fans, and that could really launch Alaskan Bush People to the next generation.

Are you excited to know that Noah Brown is moving back to Alaska with his wife and kids? Plus, are you hoping that Alaskan Bush People will split time between Alaska and Washington next season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. They never had houses on the WA mountain, that’s totally ABP b*llsh!t. They did not lose any buildings that anyone lived in. Maybe some props.

    1. And there was a decent possibility that Bear may have (accidentally?) started the fire. Just Saying. Don’t be fooled by the ABP kids “opening up their lives” to their fans on Cameo, TicTok, and whatever media websites they can use to extract money from their fans. The ABP kids have NO school education (except Birdie and Noah for a short time in Fourth grade) none of them graduated from High School. They could not go out in today’s world and get a job anywhere; so they rely on the skills their scamming parents, Billy and Ami, taught them. The parents were pro’s at dragging their kids all around the Alaska with a sad tale to tell about there perpetually bad “Brown Luck”. They swindled hundreds of thousands of dollars from hard-working, honest people and it’s very sad. Don’t believe me? Google “Alaskan Bush People Fraud” and start reading; it will blow your mind.


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