‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Player’s Freudian Slip Wins Over Fans

Vanna White & Pat Sajak [Wheel Of Fortune | YouTube]

A Wheel of Fortune player’s Freudian slip wins over fans. Contestant Kate left host Pat Sajak stunned during the bonus round. He was so shocked that he stared at the camera. Keep reading to learn more and see what happened next.

Shocks host Pat Sajak

Kate is a contestant from Cincinnati, Ohio. At the beginning of Friday’s broadcast of Wheel of Fortune, she explained to host Pat Sajak that she wrote her own one-woman comedy show. She won over the fans during the bonus round with her comedic timing. Kate made it all the way through until she was conflicted over the puzzle.

Apparently, Kate had something else on her mind. The 10-second timer started under the category of, “What are you doing?” The puzzle was “Fixing a leak.” Somehow, Kate thought this was the primetime version of Wheel of Fortune as she made a Freudian slip.

Wheel Of Fortune Bonus Round [Wheel Of Fortune | YouTube]
[Wheel Of Fortune | YouTube]
The puzzle only had an “N” in the first word. Yet, Kate’s mind went wild. She didn’t guess the puzzle correctly. Pat Sajak tried to soothe her frustration. Kate admitted that she had “something else” on her mind.

“I kept thinking of doing something else with a leak. And I didn’t think that was it,” Kate shared.

Kate & Pat Sajak [Wheel Of Fortune | YouTube]
[Wheel Of Fortune | YouTube]
Pat Sajak didn’t understand what she meant at first. He responded with a “Yeah,” until the live studio audience started giggling. The crowd and camera crew were roaring in laughter over Kate’s joke, in which she thought the puzzle was “Taking a leak.” Pat deadpan started into the camera to give his reaction. He dropped the prize card from his hands.

Kate started laughing as well. She felt better after everyone laughed at her dirty joke. Pat picked up his card and joked, “Excuse me, these get heavy sometimes.” He revealed that she would’ve won an extra $40,000 if she had gotten the puzzle right. Still, Kate went home with $48,000 and a new fanbase.

Kate With Pat Sajak [Wheel Of Fortune | YouTube]
[Wheel Of Fortune | YouTube]

Wins over Wheel of Fortune fans

During the broadcast, Wheel of Fortune fans caught onto Kate’s dirty joke. Most of them were won over by what she said. They declared Kate as their new fan-favorite. Here are just some of the tweets:

  • “Did that lady just try to solve the final Wheel of Fortune puzzle (on a Disney episode) with ‘taking a leak’?”
  • “And that’s how you make a Freudian slip on a Wheel of Fortune game show. Priceless!”
  • “Kate on @WheelofFortune is one of my favorite contestants of all time.”
  • “That was a hilarious ending to #WheelofFortune!”

The family-friendly show returned from a commercial break to Pat and Vanna joined by Disney characters. This week includes Secret Santa and a chance to win a trip on the new Disney Wish cruise. However, some people still couldn’t stop laughing over Kate’s bathroom behavior. The clever joke still made it in the broadcast.

What are your thoughts on the Wheel of Fortune player’s Freudian slip? Did Kate win you over as well? Did you know the puzzle? Sound off below in the comment section.

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