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‘SW’ Fans Deep Dive Into Janelle Brown’s First Marriage

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Sister Wives fans are diving deep into Janelle Brown’s first marriage which hasn’t been explored much in the reality series. Now that the focus of the latest season has shifted from Christine Brown to Janelle, fans wonder about her life before Kody. Who was the 53-year-old previously married to? How did the marriage end? Keep reading to find out the details!

Janelle Brown Married Meri Brown’s Brother In 1988

While everyone is aware of Robyn Brown’s previous marriage, very few know that Janelle was the wife of another man named Adam Barber. Not just that, he had a relationship with the Brown family as well. Adam was Meri Brown’s brother. The former couple got hitched in December 1988 after which they stayed together for a short term till 1990. They didn’t have any children and Janelle was the one who filed for divorce.

Janelle Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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The reason for their divorce remains unknown. Although Janelle was born in a long line of Mormons that don’t practice polygamy, she decided to convert after meeting Kody. She even clarified that she had never heard of the concept until she met Meri and the Brown family patriarch. Meri was the one who introduced Janelle to Kody after which the couple got spiritually married on January 20, 1993.

Kody And Janelle Brown Are Also Step-Siblings

Another reason that inspired Janelle’s conversion to polygamy was her mother. Interestingly, the Sister Wives’ stars’ lives were intertwined before their spiritual marriage happened. Apart from being husband and wife, they are also step-siblings. Janelle’s late mom, Sheryl Brown, and Kody’s dad, William Winn Brown, were married for years before his death in 2013.

Janelle Brown Sister Wives YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

During an old episode of the TLC series, Janelle explained their relationship. She revealed, “Before Kody and I were really courting, I was actually friends with his family. My mom was worried I was getting sucked into some polygamous cult. But she ended up meeting Kody’s dad, and they ended up falling in love and getting married before Kody and I started courting.”

Did Janelle Want A Polygamist Marriage Before Kody?

On Reddit, Sister Wives fans discussed whether Janelle had plans for a polygamist marriage with her first husband given that he was Meri’s brother.

The OP wrote, “She’s a convert, remember. It’s always been implied that she got the idea to convert around the time she met Kody and her mother went to check him and his family out and decided to become a polygamist wife to his father. But Meri’s brother would have had a background in polygamy, too.”

Janelle Brown Sister Wives YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Another user responded, “She converted after that marriage was already over. Her first husband had been raised in polygamy but he had no interest in the church and was not religious.”

Did you know these details about Janelle Brown’s first marriage? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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