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‘Sister Wives’: Why The Brown Family Hasn’t Sold Coyote Pass

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Sister Wives fans watched the Browns sell their Las Vegas properties and move to Flagstaff, Arizona years ago. The original plan was to build five new homes on the Coyote Pass property they purchased. However, the family still hasn’t broken ground there. Kody claims they have to pay off the land before they can develop it and they just don’t have the money to do so.

For ages, the Browns argued that money was the reason behind the delay. However, many fans now believe a lot of it has to do with Christine and Janelle’s departures. But why haven’t they sold the properties yet?

Keep reading to see what Sister Wives fans had to say online.

Sister Wives fans aren’t sure why the Browns keep Coyote Pass

As Sister Wives Season 17 continues, the Browns have plenty of problems. Onscreen, development seems to be the least of their priorities. So why not just sell the land then?

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Kody Brown/TLC

“My theory on why they haven’t sold Coyote Pass,” one Redditor wondered this week. “We all know that if Coyote Pass was listed for sale, we would find out almost immediately, and that would ruin many of this seasons story lines. If Janelle truly left, selling the land is the next logical step, but maybe TLC incentivized (or bribed) the Browns to wait until the show caught up to real time.”

The user went on to mention that Kody and Robyn took out a large loan sometime last year, which could have been used to pay Janelle back for the price of her Las Vegas home. After that, their next step could be selling the Coyote Pass lots.

“And no, I don’t think Kody and Robyn are planning to sit on a million dollars worth of land to build a Robyn’s kids subdivision,” the Redditor concluded, referencing another Sister Wives thread.

Sister Wives from TLC, Meri Brown and Robyn Brown
Sister Wives/TLC

“I’d be surprised if anyone wanted the property at this point. I think the guy that sold it to them must’ve laughed so hard. They basically bought a piece of property that is more expensive to develop than it’s worth,” another Reddit user said.

“I think if they were going to sell it, now is not the time. The market in Arizona is slowing down tremendously and interest rates are going up. If they wanted to capitalize on it, 6 months ago would’ve been the ideal time,” someone else pointed out.

Do you agree with Redditors or do you have your theory? Be sure to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

Will Season 18 focus on Janelle’s departure?

Although many Sister Wives viewers suspected Janelle would jump ship soon, it seems like that just happened sometime in the past year. Now, plenty of fans would be interested in seeing a Sister Wives spin-off starring Christine and Janelle.

The future is still unclear, but Season 18 is already filming so there will definitely be new content next year. Since Season 17 focused on Christine’s departure, a lot of fans think Season 18 will focus on Janelle.

Stay tuned for more news and updates on the Browns!

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  1. I was just wondering where did Cody and Robin get that big loan from that they took out last year since Robin does not work and never has and Cody I have no idea what he does after watching all these years it seems like he just flips around in his new vehicles and seems to have money for everything what’s that all about anyway those are questions that I would like to know about and I just watched sister wives last week and Janelle was still asking Cody if he wanted to stay in a plural marriage so where is all this coming from that says that Janelle has already left can anyone help me with this question

    1. the show you saw is a year old. kody buys and sells guns. He mostly lives off the show which pays pretty well. That’s why its confusing that they can’t pay off the land and start building. They have no clue how to manage money and all have filded ba3nkruptcy in the past. That’s why no man should have 4 wives and 19 kids because the government ends up supporting them. Cody and Robyn .I’ve in a million dollar home and some of them rent big homes for thousands per month. Is it any wonder why they cant pay off the land ?

    1. She is such a martyr poor me but also a snake in the grass. Will there be a show called the fall of robyn and cody?

      1. why is everyone constantly blaming Robyn for everything ? They all agreed on a 4th wife. Shes a good wife to Kody and a good mother to the kids. Is it her fault she is the favored wife ?

        1. Robyn is the wife who has stabbed everyone including Christine and Janelles kids in the back. remember only Robyn’s kids are considered by kody to be his kids

        2. she’s good to Cody and her kids but she was shitty to the other wives and kids …she’s done nothing to contribute due to Cody ,,Have you watched all episodes it never once said Robyn play us all in the beginning while we accept you Until Cody and you decide to play out the plot where it will just be you and I
          you can like Robyn all you want if I was Robyn ain’t no amount of money worth my reputation my dignity or embrassement to my family or kids not Even a man is worth all that I’d walked by now

  2. I think Cody is pure narcissist. He gets caught in so much double talk,says one thing does another .Cody cares about Cody .he is a sick individual.grooming his daughters to be his wives.I think the show would do better with out him and Robin. Robin why does she need the most expensive home.Mari and Janelle need to let those two sink in their debt.

    1. how dumb of you to say hes grooming Robyns girls to be his wives. Where would you ever get such a idea ? Robyn would neverrrrr stay stay him if that was his intention. Someone writes something stupid and other people believe it.

  3. At the beginning of the series, I thought Janelle would be the first to leave and never Christine. Cody would probably still have all the wives if he was still married to Meri. But, messing up the “order” without any thought brought issues into the relationships that can never be overcome. Meri had to be first wife because that is all she had, Janelle was the partner, and Christine was the mom. Cody usurps Meri and is using her for money, Christine’s mommy duties were replaced with a nanny and baby maker, and Janelle was relegated to being a producer for his benefit


  4. I think he is running all the wives away, except Robyn, so he and Robyn can sell or develop the Flagstaff land and keep all the money for the two of them.

    1. what money ? The land is not paid for. They have made huge sums of money from the show but they blow it foolishly. All together they make a nice amount of money. Apart where is the show? Kody cant stand Mary but is willing to use her money. Janelle is on the way out. Kody has admitted he loves her but IS NOT IN LOVE WITH HER. Why would she stay? Christine is long gone. I see no show in the future unless all the wives leave him and start out on their own.

    2. I agree. he ran off Christine now working or worked to run off Janelle. meri is next than all profit goes to him and Robin. where is child support ? he seems to expect all the ladies to turn around for him but I’ve never heard him ask “what can I do for you” to help the marriages.

  5. I think Cody n Robin have been putting money away from the others n didn’t tell so they could be alone in the end he’s getting rid of all the wives now just meri hasn’t woke up yet not sure what’s wrong with her staying with him Robin is just a big snake who ruin the family n Cody just a kid needs to grow up

  6. Cody keeps harping about the divorce but he already has a divorce from Meri so he could marry Robin. Meri should leave to live in a loveless marriage is sad. she deserves better. Janelle is a door mat for Cody and Robin. she needs to grow a pair and leave also.

    1. Robin will not leave unless she is forced to go find a job. She is supported by the other wives. Unfortunately Meri won’t leave Kody because of of her religious beliefs. Meri went on Instagram awhile back and said her religious beliefs will not allow her to leave & she wishes people would stop calling her names.

    2. I thought about Mary as good person. Unfortunately she turned out to be gullible. Her so called friend Robin is playing her like a fiddle. She will end up with nothing.

  7. It was all good when Cody was getting it from all the women and they was kissing his ass but when they started needing more and deserving more it became a problem for him! Plus Covid was rough for a lot of people but you don’t alienate the people u love bc they didn’t conform to your wishes! Robin does what he wants and tells him what he wants and gives him clearly what he wants and needs 24/7 so all the other women would be better off finding the life they deserve instead of staying in LEFT OVERS! Cody is not even close to “THE BEST OPTION” for 3 beautiful talented and caring women! Move on and find the life calling for you 3!

  8. Number one what did they see in BS Cody ???? Ewh !!!! Go find another man or be self sufficient !!!! What does he bring into your life ??? more women ???? Fools that work for him and his lazy ass goes from one to the other ???? Foolish women !!!! Stop pampering his rear and leave him to his love ❤️😘 Scrunch Face 👀 Robin so he can screw his daughter daughter ….child abuse…grooming kids …. really belong in jail !!!!!

    1. I don’t know about him grooming Robin’s daughters, but he will be looking for younger wives wether he is on tv or not.

    2. It’s about time Robyn’s daughters start supporting the fam since they’ll be his next wives anyway.

  9. I think it’s very difficult for any man or woman to share their spouse. In the case of the Brown’s, the kids are grown causing so much discontent that the whole thing is falling apart. There’s nothing for them to do as a family but examine what they are doing in the situation. There’s no goals because the reason was the kids. It’s just time for everyone to leave, come back for events and parties, but live your own life. At this point Cody has one partner, Robyn and that’s it. Sorry folks but “THAT’S THE END FOLKS” 😗

  10. in a rewind of past seasons on a Christine flash back her daughter and she we’re unpacking groceries the box’s said Savation Army is this how they live on non-profits give aways yet live in grandhomes own snow blowers and campers. it’s this common in plural marriage? What and who’s incomes go into the family account and we’re does the income for all come from in the case of this sister’s wives show.

  11. I think this is what Robyn wanted. She think she is a good actor wanting us to believe this is upsetting her. why does she need help with her two small children when the other wives took care of their six plus more. The other wives got her out of debt now she wants it all. I don’t like to see anyone to fail but she needs to take account that this is her fault. Kody and Robyn need to lose it all and. find jobs and suffer and see what it’s like to be poor. I just feel sorry for her small children. her adult children are in the mindset as their mother. I don’t feel nothing for them.

  12. When they moved from Vegas Cody had plans for a beautiful home with a central family area and all the wives had separate living quarters, including a kitchen for each under one roof. They all knew what plural marriage was about. Cody should have built the one house and put his family under one roof. Plural marriage, not a house for each that he could visit occasionally. They had a central house in Utah. They don’t respect him anymore because he quit being the head of the family.

  13. We know he will not be marrying or pretending to be married to Robyn’s daughters. Stop talking like that. These kids want away from Kody. Robyn’s son has already moved away to his bio Dad’s. He knew it was getting too crazy. Her girls will see and head on out, not to Kody. He just lost his son, Gabe, because of the Covid rules he made up and Kody didn’t contact him on his birthday. The young man is so very upset. He’s the first of many who will walk away from Dad, Meri’s daughter ran away from everyone as well as Kody. Even his daughters are saying that their Dad is behaving peculiar and he’s not the Dad they used to have. Kody better be careful. He’s going to be without any family. What was the sense of having so many children and wives; all of a sudden they are gone. Something more is happening that is not being televised over many years. The TV show will be cancelled once Meri decides to leave. He will no longer have sister wives. That is what his show was with his sister wives. Who will want to watch the daily life of Kody and Robyn sit and moan about how the wives took everything from him. Not the truth. They are free from a man who is losing it. I really loved this show and now it will be gone. I’m sad.

  14. Kody is such a jerk
    Now I can’t stand to watch his narcissist ass ! Kody cares only about kody and to hell with all the kids he brought olinto this world.
    He does not deserve one wife, much less four.
    Meri just seems too smart to deal with jody’s bull crap.


  15. Cody is a spoiled man child used to getting his way and can’t, literally can’t understand when he doesn’t. First wife Meri went from parent’s to Cody with a few desperate tries to find someone who really cared about her. She`s afraid of being alone. Christine surprised me, GO GIRL, YOU ROCK. Janele knew what she was in for and tried to live it and still be who she is. It’s no longer who she is and she will not settle. Robin is Cody’s bestest because she cowtoes to him. If you want to get, give. She gets it all and pretends she doesn’t understand. She WANTS multiple wives not Cody coming out her ears. That’s it in a nutshell. Come on guys, am I not spot on in A very limited space.

  16. I watch the show faithfully. I feel Cody shows favoritism to Robyn and her kids and is questioning whether he wants to continue being in a pleural marriage. Obviously, he does not have a good relationship with the other wives or their kids. He is legally married to Robyn. In my opinion, they should stay together as a couple and the other wives should move on. I think they would all be much happier. Just sayin’!!!!

  17. Christine and Janelle sold their homes in Vegas and gave Robyn money for down payment on her home. Janelle and Christine sell Plexus and have other businesses. Christine let it slip in a magazine interview in Nov that Janelle left Kody. I suspect Robyn gets disability SSI for her kids and lives off that and show income. Also Janelle got Kody and Robyn a loan recently from a bank in Alaska. What Kody does for sure, no one knows.

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