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Maddie Brush Squeezes Plump Pregnant Booty In Tight Jeans

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Maddie Brush is showing off her beautiful pregnant booty. The mama of two is due with her third baby, a girl, come February 2023. However, she is feeling so great that she decided to show it off in a form-fitting pair of jeans. As she worked on a room in her North Carolina home, she continued to promote the wellness drink, Plexus. Yet, all eyes were on how amazing pregnancy looked on her and in those jeans.

Maddie Brush Squeezes Plump Pregnant Booty In Tight Jeans

The Sister Wives star has teamed up with her mother, Janelle, and Christine Brown to form their own wellness group. There, they promote this popular pink drink and invite followers to join in on challenges. Christine’s daughter, Mykelti Padron is also a part of it. She just gave birth to twin boys, Ace and Archer so she has not been that active. In a recent post to their Instagram, Maddie showed herself painting a room.

Maddie Brush/IG

She is currently expecting her third child with her husband, Caleb Brush. Still, nothing was keeping her down as she pointed out in the quick video she made. Maddie noted that she had never felt good enough or had the energy in her prior pregnancies to do the activities she was doing this time around. Throughout the video, she was in different poses, wearing snug jeans, and showing off her cute but plump pregnant behind.

Maddie Brush/IG

Comments were turned off so fans and followers could not say sweet things to her. However, she looked amazing and moved around that room like a rock star. So far, she has only been seen in one episode this season. Yet, she was talked about in last week’s episode. Janelle was trying to figure out Thanksgiving 2021 and mentioned that Maddie and the family wanted to come to Flagstaff. Unfortunately, with Kody’s pandemic protocols, there was just too much that went into it so Janelle decided to head to North Carolina instead.

Keeping Up The Hustle

It should be no surprise that, at 30 weeks pregnant, Maddie Brush is still hustling. Janelle was always the big breadwinner in the plural family. She was seen working twelve-hour workdays while her (former) sister wife, Christine would take care of their children. This was how they formed their extremely close bond. It is also noted that Christine and Janelle’s children get along quite well. For example, Christine’s daughter, Ysabel went to live with Maddie when she headed to college in North Carolina.

It is truly amazing to see how Maddie, Janelle, and Christine are all glowing and what an amazing team they make. What are your thoughts on Maddie’s cute pregnant booty in snug jeans? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.



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