‘Jackass’ Star Bam Margera In ICU With COVID-19

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In some distressing news, former Jackass star Bam Margera is in the hospital after contracting COVID-19. Bam wasn’t hospitalized for the virus, but he tested positive for it while there, putting him in the ICU.

Here is what you need to know about Bam’s current medical condition.

Bam Margera in hospital with COVID-19

TMZ reported that Bam Margera went to the hospital after developing a serious case of pneumonia. However, after checking himself into the hospital earlier this week, he ended up testing positive for COVID-19. This led to doctors putting him on a ventilator and he is now fighting for his life in the ICU. The good news is that, at the current time, Bam remains in stable condition.

Bam Margera | IG

This is just the latest in what has been a tough two years for the former skateboarding sensation. The former Jackass star checked in and out of rehab already in 2022. He completed a one-year treatment program to deal with his drug and alcohol abuse. However, while he was in rehab, he tried to get out of his court-ordered treatment via an attorney.

Bam Margera currently struggling with addiction issues

Bam Margera said that he started drinking more after the death of his friend and Jackass co-star Ryan Dunn in 2011. He also told his fans that he was officially diagnosed with manic bipolar disorder while blaming his mother.

Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn

In 2021, Margera announced that his former friends fired him from Jackass Forever, claiming they “betrayed me, rejected me, abandoned me.” Steve-O said that the Jackass cast would never give up on their friend. “I’ve been physically present at almost every stop on his years-long tour of rehabs and psych wards.”

Bam’s brother Jess Margera and mother April released a statement on Instagram in August announcing they received a temporary healthcare guardianship for him. This came after the courts forced him into rehab following a violent event. In 2001, Bam reportedly attacked a woman and tore out her breast implant. According to the records, Bam was intoxicated on cocaine at the time.

According to TMZ, Margera reportedly never completed his court-ordered treatment. In June, Margera went missing after leaving the rehab center. He also started a “free Bam” movement for fans to support getting him out of his recovery process and force his mom and brother to stop interfering in his life.

Sources, since he left rehab, have seen him partying in Atlanta and then in Las Vegas in September and October. Thanks to the “free Bam” movement, friends and family began receiving threats from fans who felt Bam deserved to do whatever he wanted.

Send your well-wishes to Bam Margera as he fights for his life in the hospital in the comments below.

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