Why Is Robyn Brown Jobless With A Nanny, Is She Sick?

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At the end of the day, it appears as if Robyn Brown is being financially supported by Kody, Janelle, and Meri. Taking to multiple social media platforms, fans of the TLC series are seriously scratching their heads as they struggle to understand why Robyn Brown doesn’t also have a job the way the rest of the family does. Does she do anything for work? If not, why doesn’t she have a job yet has a nanny?

Why doesn’t Robyn Brown have a job?

Janelle, Kody, Meri, and Christine Brown all have profiles on Cameo where they hustle to make some extra cash. While TLC likes to sweep it under the rug, Kody Brown does work involving selling guns and gun parts. Meri, Janelle, and even Christine are all involved in various MLM programs. These lovely ladies hustle on social media to make some cash. Meri Brown even has the B&B that serves as an additional stream of income for her.

Robyn Brown from TLC, Sister Wives

The real question is simple: How does Robyn Brown contribute to this family? Admittedly, fans aren’t really sure what Robyn contributes to the family beyond being the bed Kody chooses to crawl into every night. But, that doesn’t stop fans from having some theories on why she doesn’t work.

Does she have some sort of medical issue?

One big theory fans have is that Robyn Brown has some sort of medical reason for not working. This has always just been fan speculation. But, many fans think Robyn has something wrong with her thyroid. So, this has some fans questioning if perhaps there is a medical reason why she can’t have the same hustle as the rest of the wives.

One Sister Wives fan detailed why they think her health could be a factor in a thread on Reddit: I’m starting to wonder if Robyn suffers from Major Depressive Disorder or something else that is debilitating, and that’s the reason for her requiring a nanny even now for just two small children in a house full of adults. I’m also curious why they needed a nanny for two small children during COVID when no one was coming and going, there isn’t a reason Kody couldn’t raise his kids unless he had to care for his wife. Does anyone else think there is a medical issue that prevents her from working or parenting?”

Kody Brown - Robyn Brown Youtube
Kody Brown – Robyn Brown Youtube

Taking issue with the conversation, one fan noted it was important to stop referring to her children as “young children” because they were not toddlers anymore. The individual added: “They are school aged, not toddlers. She infantilizes them enough just herself, we don’t need to help her.”

Another fan argued they don’t believe she has a medical issue. They believe she just has an entitlement issue. Other fans chimed in to agree that why would anyone in her position work when they simply didn’t have to because other people were working and paying all their bills?

Do you think there is a reason why Robyn Brown doesn’t work? Or, is she just enjoying living on Meri and Janelle’s dime? Share your thoughts down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives.

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  1. I’ve noticed that she has a very FAT NECK but I had my thyroid taken out and I still work. just have to take a little pill every morning

    1. I have a Thyroid condition and I work clean and take care of my 6 kids. I take a pill everyday blood work every 6 months. if that is Robin’s problem easy fix. I think Robin is lazy and taking advantage of the other wives.

  2. Maybe Kody insists on her staying home? I mean, especially during covid I can picture that being the case.

    I can sort of relate to the thyroid issue although I still do a lot of things including working, I have worked jobs that provide me some flexibility though, because I get very tired. Even being home, doing normal chores- I get tired, (more than normal) so that could be true also.

  3. I commented on her maybe having a thyroid problem quit awhile ago…..My daughter had her thyroid removed not long ago and she still works ask a truck driver and delivery….so that isnt a reason for her not to work

  4. I have followed this family off and on, over the years they have been filming. Seems to me that a lot of problems started after Robin married into the family. That in itself is speaking volumes. Thyroid problems are not a valid reason for not contributing.

  5. My mum had a thyroid disease called Hashimoto which is a chronic inflammation of the thyroid and she still raised me and my sister and worked full time while taking care of a household….she got her thyroid removed in the end but that never stopped her of being an active person. I dont think Robyn has those medical issues; she is probably not working because she has the other wifes and Kody’s income to spend.

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