When Will Al Roker Return To ‘The Today Show’?

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Fans of The Today Show rejoiced after learning Al Roker had left the hospital and returned home with his family. Many of Al’s co-workers have taken to various social media platforms to rejoice over his wellness and his return from the hospital. Unsurprisingly, his return home was a topic of conversation on The Today Show. All of his co-workers were thrilled to learn he was back home with his family where he belonged.

Naturally, the biggest question fans of this talk show and Al Roker have is simple: When will he return to The Today Show? When will fans get to enjoy this beautiful and entertaining man on their televisions once more? Fortunately, his return to the show was something his co-workers discussed as they updated viewers on how he was doing.

When Will Al Roker Return To The Today Show? 

During today’s episode of the show, it was Hoda Kotb that brought up the topic of Al Roker’s health and hospitalization. During the “can’t miss” segment, Hoda teased they had some “great, great news” they have been dying to tell everyone.

“Al is officially home from the hospital!” Hoda exclaimed. Everyone on the panel celebrated by clapping and cheering.

Savannah Guthrie was the first to add to the conversation. “He shared the announcement last night on Instagram, he’s so happy to be home. It’s been a long road.”

Al Roker - Instagram
Al Roker – Instagram

Hoda added that she knew every single person who watches The Today Show just to see Al are probably equally happy to learn that he’s returned home. But, did that mean he would also be returning to the show?

Savannah said everyone in The Today Show family was thrilled he made a recovery. They wanted to get him back on the show as soon as possible. But, ultimately, they said the ball was in his court. Savannah explained the team wants him to recover first and come back to the show when he feels he’s ready to do so.

He Shared Beautiful Photos On Instagram

For those who missed the update, both Al Roker and his wife Deborah Roberts shared beautiful photos updating on the situation yesterday evening. The couple rejoiced (along with their daughter) as Al was finally released from the hospital and allowed to come home.

Al Roker [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
Unfortunately, exactly when he will return to the show is unclear at this point in time. But, it sounds like Al Roker is welcomed back as soon as he’s feeling up to returning.

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