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Real Reason Kody Brown Can Stand Robyn But Not Christine?

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Why is it that Kody Brown was able to stand “Sobyn” Robyn but ultimately intolerant of Christine? Christine was always there for the family and genuinely cared about the children. As for Robyn, she has always been extremely needy and wanted things to go her way. However, a new Reddit thread is really explaining why Kody has tolerated his fourth wife and not his third. Read on for more details.

Real Reason Kody Brown Can Stand Robyn But Not Christine?

Kody has bowed down to whatever Robyn has wanted. This included a nanny for many years when the family ran fine without one for almost two decades. Christine was the one who was the happy homemaker and took care of her and Janelle’s children while her sister wife worked full-time. That was just how they ran the family, especially when they all lived under one roof.

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Kody started to complain that Christine always wanted more than the other wives when, in reality, that did not appear to be true. In a Reddit thread that was started, it is now clear why Kody could stand Robyn and not Christine. When it was his eldest son, Logan’s graduation, everyone was in attendance. However, Robyn was late and then could not find anyone so she wanted Kody to leave to come to the parking lot to find her. Christine called her out on this being disrespectful, just not being courteous enough to be there on time, and that caused a rift.

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Kody clearly did not appreciate that Christine said how she felt, especially to poor little Robyn. Yet, fans were team Christine. “Robyn being late for Logan’s graduation was bad. But what was even worse was that she expected Kody to leave his son’s graduation and come save (find) her. Kody was going to until all the others were like what the hell are you doing?” one person commented. It did not stop there.

The Disdain For Robyn Is Real

Fans continued to go in on Robyn for being late to the graduation and then wanting Kody to leave just for her. “I remember when this happened and Robyn said she planned on getting there late because of Solomon being so little. I thought that’s dumb. Brown is going to be called at the beginning. Should have got there with the family and left early if needed,” someone noted. Another added: “In Kody and Robyn’s demented brains, this is an example of Christine being mean to poor Robyn. So pathetic.”

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In last week’s episode, Kody tried to tell Janelle that the family never truly gave Robyn a chance. They never worked to bring her in which Janelle disputed. She believes that Robyn alienated herself and kept her side separate. It looks like it is Meri/Robyn on one side and Janelle/Christine on the other with Kody leaning toward Meri and Robyn. Mainly because they are loyal and Robyn is utterly obedient. He does not care for those who don’t bow down to him and it shows.

Do you think Christine sharing her feelings is a valid reason for why Kodt could stand Robyn over her? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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