Eric & Courtney Waldrop’s Family Is Growing Again

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Eric and Courtney Waldrop’s family is growing once again! The couple keeps busy with their nine children, who are constantly on the go, but they are adding more to their crew. Keep reading for all of the details about their growing family.

The Sweet Home Sextuplets stars’ kids include: 

  • Saylor, almost 14 years old (Dec. 23)
  • Bridge, almost 11 years old ( 18)
  • Wales, almost 11 years old ( 18)
  • Blu, almost 5 (Dec. 11)
  • Tag, almost 5 (Dec. 11)
  • Layke, almost 5 (Dec. 11)
  • Rivers, almost 5 (Dec. 11)
  • Rawlings, almost 5 (Dec. 11)
  • Rayne, almost 5 (Dec. 11)

Courtney and Eric’s family is no longer on TLC, in case you didn’t know. They have decided not to continue with Sweet Home Sextuplets. Instead, they post on social media to keep fans updated on their lives. They occasionally film YouTube videos too.

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From what the family shares online, it looks like they have a lot on their plates. Despite how jam-packed their schedules are with school, work, and extracurricular activities, Eric and Courtney Waldrop decided they were ready to add even more fun to their family.

Eric & Courtney Waldrop’s Family Is Growing Again

On her Instagram Stories this week, Courtney revealed to fans how her family has grown. She shared a sweet video as several cows joined their crew. The mom of nine filmed the cows walking out of the trailer and said they are “growing our farm!!”

Also in the video, you can see the family’s other cows in the background. The Waldrops live on a good amount of land and have other animals. You may have seen their dog Otis and heard about baby animals being born. Plus, they recently built a chicken coop and now enjoy fresh eggs. 

Below, you can watch the video of Eric and Courtney Waldrop’s cows arriving. One of the little girls is eager to check out the newest additions to the farm. 

So far, Courtney hasn’t shared any further updates about the new cows. But hopefully, things are going well with the latest additions. Be on the lookout in case Courtney and Eric decide to add even more animals to their farm in the future. It looks like they have big plans for their property.

So, what do you think of Eric and Courtney Waldrop growing their family again? Do you love to see their kids and animals on social media? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Waldrops. 

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