Demi Rose Does ‘Faery Things’ With Ruby Red Tresses

Demi Rose takes a selfie with smokey eye makeup.

Demi Rose was “doing faery things” and showing off her new red tresses on Instagram on December 8. Fresh from transforming into a fairy and flashing her booty in a sexy white Tinkerbell dress, the British bombshell was back in another fanciful outfit on the social media platform. She dialed up the raciness with lingerie and kept the fay theme going in green mesh with a leafy print.

The 27-year-old even posed in the same, previously undisclosed, whimsical location as before. She gave fans a fresh tour of the charming elvish-style cottage in Somerset, England (cottagecore, anyone?), and let herself be photographed playing with crystals on the balcony. Scroll for the snaps!

Demi Rose takes a mirror selfie in a bikini top and sweatpants.
Demi Rose flaunts her hourglass figure in an undone bikini top and tie-dye slacks.
[Credit: Demi Rose/Instagram]

Demi Rose Brings The Heat In Fairy-Themed Shoot

If you’re going to do fairycore, you might as well go spicy. Demi certainly got the memo and paraded her voluptuous curves in a fully see-through chemise. The low-cut number spotlighted her busty cleavage and skimmed her thighs. Its moss-green color played up her fiery locks, which she adorned with matching butterfly-shaped hairpins.

Underneath the flowy garment, she wore a semi-sheer black bodysuit decorated with purple lace flowers. Its plunging neckline immediately caught the eye. Meanwhile, its insane high cut bared her hips, ensuring all of her assets got attention.

Demi looked irresistible in the sultry get-up, which she teamed up with brown leather espadrilles. They had a butterfly-shaped front and thin ankle straps.

The Birmingham native kept her makeup simple. She rocked winged eyeliner and pink lipgloss. Demi wore her luscious mane in cascading waves and framed her face with a pair of slender braids.

Demi Rose Gets Sultry With Her Back Arched

Flaunting her legs in the opening shot, Demi sat on a vintage wrought iron chair and stretched out her pins over the door threshold. She crossed one knee over the other and placed her open palm on top. The patio set came with a matching table on which she displayed her crystals.

In another snap, she highlighted her hourglass frame in a pin-up-style pose while standing with her back to the open balcony door. She also included a thrilling close-up wherein she played with her hair and showed off her cleavage and bare thighs.

Lastly, Demi seduced viewers in a profile pose with her back arched. She pushed her chest against the door and stuck out her round posterior, throwing a flirty stare at the camera.

Clearly, the social media maven has plenty of creative ideas for photoshoots, even when she sticks to the same theme and location. Aside from the outfit change, her post showcased different views of the Glastonbury cottage, including the sprawling backyard.

As expected, fans were all over the share. People were digging her new hair and took to the comments to tell her she looked “ravishing.” Others said she gave off “Poison Ivy” vibes.

  • “Looking really magical.”
  • “My fairy always 💚.”
  • “Oh my God, as if all of you were not enough, redhead.”
  • “You are my Queen.”
  • “I see the Jessica Rabbit.”

What are your thoughts on Demi’s new fairy-themed shoot? Do you think she looks good as a redhead or do you prefer her natural brunette hair? Let us know below in the comment section.

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