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Deborah Roberts Humbled & Beyond Thankful Al Roker Is Home

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The past few weeks have been emotional for Al Roker’s wife Deborah Roberts. Her husband was rushed to the hospital because of blood clots, he returned home, and he was quickly rushed back to the hospital. There were moments where the outlook was grim for Al Roker. There were many places on the Internet were people just assumed he was already dead. These assumptions grew so heavy that “Al Roker dead” actually caught traction on Facebook and Twitter a few different times.

Deborah Roberts & Al Roker
The hearts of The Today Show fans hung heavy for Deborah Roberts and her daughter as they could only imagine the emotional whirlwind they were going through not knowing whether they were going to have to say goodbye to Al.

While Al Roker was in the hospital, the family was hit with death. Al Roker was forced to say goodbye to someone he worked with for years. As TvShowsAce previously reported, Mark Traub, a longtime crew member of the NBC talk show, passed away. Al Roker was one of many who took to Instagram to mourn the unsettling passing of his former colleague.

Announcing that her husband was finally released from the hospital and returning home wasn’t the only thing Deborah Roberts shared on Instagram. She also took to her profile to tell everyone how humbled and thankful she was for all of the people who made the last few difficult weeks easier to handle.

Deborah Roberts - Al Roker - Instagram
Deborah Roberts – Al Roker – Instagram

Deborah Roberts humbled, thankful as Al Roker returns home

In a beautiful tribute to the medical team that took care of her husband, Deborah Roberts reveals that she’s both thankful and blessed by the way things worked out. There are not enough words for her to thank the medical team that helped her husband fight off his blood clots so he could return home.

On this Thursday we are beyond thankful for beautiful, caring family and friends and the power of a brilliant medical team. Looking back at this long ago celebration with @alroker , I cherish the happy moments and look forward to so very many more. What a strong man. Blessed and grateful are the words defining our life today.”

Deborah attached an old photo of herself with her husband Al Roker as she thanked everyone who supported her and her family during this difficult time.

In the comments, her followers continued to shower her with love and support.

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