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Jessie James Decker Takes Sexy Spin On AI Trend

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Jessie James Decker is known for posting revealing photos of herself on social media. Now, she’s jumping on the AI trend, and even the AI version of herself shows off her body.

Jessie James Decker’s AI trend

On several social media platforms, people have been posting photos of themselves as ‘AI.’ This new trend actually comes from an app. The user can pay and use a program called Lensa AI and upload several photos of themselves. Then, the app will create new, whimsical and artistic versions of that person out of the provided photos. Needless to say, everyone has been jumping on the trend to see what they look like as a work of art.

Jessie James Decker | Youtube
Jessie James Decker | Youtube

This includes celebrities like Jessie James Decker. Jessie took to Instagram to show her followers what she looked like after using the AI program. It looks like the artistic app certainly took the way she dresses into account. In most of the photos, the star is sporting a very busty look. Most with plunging necklines as the avatar stares down the camera.

In the caption, she reveals that she’s not sure it looks like her aside from her chest and her eyebrows.

“… idk that these totally look like me but the things they got right were the big ole titties and thick brows 🤷‍♀️,” she writes.

Fans aren’t impressed

Usually, when Jessie posts something, all of her followers tell her how great she looks. However, this time, she received more questions and backlash than anything. Some don’t think the photos look anything like her, others question why she would play to participate in this trend. Jessie hasn’t responded to anyone, so it seems she is just blocking out the haters this time.

“You must be very bored today,” one person notes.

“These look nothing like you,” another writes.

One person even goes as far as to try and inform Jessie of why it’s wrong to participate in this app.

“These Al apps are using databases with artwork stolen from thousands of artists without their consent. And the worst part is they’re profiting off of this. Lensa AI made over I million in one day from others using their app, which is incredibly insulting to all artists in this community who have worked so hard to build their creative careers,” the follower shares.

So, maybe next time there is a trend like this, Jessie should refrain from sharing her results.

Have you done the AI trend? What do you think of Jessie James Decker’s photos? Sound off in the comments below. Come back for more on your favorite stars!

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