Jacob Roloff Fends Off Hater Over Parenting Decision Backlash

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Former Little People, Big World star Jacob Roloff is fending off a hater who sent parenting decision backlash his way. The TLC alum is done with the critics and wants to shut them all down. He seems confident in his parenting choices for his one-year-old son Mateo. Scroll down to see what this is all about and see what he said to his newest critic.

Of all of the Roloff family members, Jacob is one that keeps to himself and is pretty quiet. He does post on Instagram here and there, but he seems to value his privacy.

Before welcoming his son to the world in 2021, Jacob chose not to post pictures of him on social media. This likely combats some of the potential parent-shaming he could receive while giving his son the privacy he deserves.

Jacob Roloff - YouTube

But in honor of Mateo’s first birthday this month, the young father gave fans a glimpse at his parenting choices. In an Instagram post, he proudly told fans that his son knows some sign language. Jacob Roloff shared a picture of himself, Isabel, and their little guy and said, “He’s signing ‘more’ and ‘dog’ (and getting close to ‘book’) and getting more and more confident walking every day.”


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Jacob Roloff Fends Off Hater

On his Instagram Stories, Jacob posted a screenshot of one of the negative comments he received after sharing that Mateo knows a little bit of sign language. Surprisingly, one of his followers was confused about this parenting choice. They wrote, “So ridiculous to teach sign when they aren’t deaf. You going to give him insulin too if he doesn’t have diabetes? So stupid. Be grateful he can hear.”

Jacob Roloff then fought back and said, “This is the most entertaining sort of brain rot.”

Below, you can see Jacob’s post.

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LPBW Fans Back Up The New Dad

On RedditLittle People, Big World fans reposted Jacob Roloff’s Instagram Story post. And many of them are applauding him for his parenting decision. They think that the fan’s comment is absolutely ridiculous. Across the board, fans agree that knowing sign language is beneficial. They don’t see anything wrong with Mateo knowing a few signs to help with his communication before he learns to speak.

While fans may not always agree with Jacob, they do like that he’s taught his son sign language and that he’s not afraid to spar with the haters.

So, what do you think of Jacob Roloff fending off this hater? Do you agree with him and Isabel Roloff’s decision to teach Mateo sign language? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Roloff family. Plus, don’t miss new episodes of TLC’s LPBW on Tuesdays.

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  1. I feel Matt was wrong by not leaving the Pumpkin Patch to his children, so the tradition could go on for his children. But if it would have caused a feud amongst them, then better off selling it. Whom ever could have bought it would also have to keep it up and run it right. And if Caren had anything to do with it, shouldn’t be. Just a shame it had to come to this. seems like a some jealousy going on.

  2. I think it is a wonderful thing to do. You never know when you may need to know sign language. Many people don’t think about what you have and how easily life changes. When I was 40 I lost hearing in my left ear. As years go on my right ear is slowly losing its hearing. I wished I had learned ASL while I was a younger self. Don’t take life for granted.

  3. I think the person who said that is totally redicilious!!!! I don’t even know who you are but I think your obviously a pretty great dad to teach your child sign language!! learning another language is a great thing. I think the person who wrote that is just jealous because they only know one language and it’s just being mean and pathetic!!!! I had a hair dresser for years who was deaf and I wished so bad I would have known sign language. it’s a beautiful language! keep up the good work of being a great Dad!!!

  4. There’s nothing wrong with teaching a hearing child sign language, it’s useful for when he meets a deaf person. I wish I had learned, yes I still can. I have severe loss, and have a deaf friend. Fortunately she reads lips, so she understands me.
    Mateo can get a job being a signer, when he grows up.
    My son also taught his kids some sign.
    You don’t have to be deaf to learn. Don’t listen to them, just keep on teaching him. You are being a good dad!

  5. My 2 year old great nephew knows some sign language also. Nothing wrong with that.That is reaching for someone to criticize that.

  6. nice to learn how to communicate in any language. the wanker who complained is either ignorant, jealous, low IQ, or all of the above. Learn as many languages as you can, it’s a big world after all. It’s sad that Jacob felt he had to push back against the wanker, but glad he did.

  7. My great nephew know sign language so he can communicate with his deaf uncle. Good for you two in expanding his skills.

  8. Great job Jacob, I applaud you evidently that person lives in a world of her own of stupidity. I have worked with special needs children and it’s beautiful to communicate with them. If the time comes when he needs to use this gift in life he can. Again keep the learning going.

  9. I truly don’t understand how one could make such a comment regarding teaching a language. We spoke French at home. I took Spanish and German classes in college. I wish there had been an ASL class since I would have taken that as well. The more languages one speaks, the better off you can communicate with rest of the world. I worked for an airline and wished I could have signed more to deaf passengers other than “thank you”. Keep up the good work Jacob.

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