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The question of whether Britney Spears is dead has started to gain traction (with over 100 tweets in the past 24 hours on Twitter). As those who follow the Princess of Pop know, she recently celebrated her 41st birthday. Her Instagram activity around her the time of her birthday was seriously concerning. Instead of posting about her birthday, she paid a weird tribute to both her sister Jamie Spears and her children.

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Bizarre birthday video leaves fans concerned

For many, the real nail in the coffin that has fans thinking something is seriously wrong was a bizarre birthday video that was posted and later deleted from her profile. The video focused on her husband singing happy birthday to her. There were decorations and he was lighting a candle. The video focused on her husband the entire time. There was never a moment in the video that fans actually SAW Britney Spears.

Moreover, fans were convinced Britney’s voice sounded like a recording that was simply being played in the background. Sometime after the video was posted and fans started calling attention to it being weird, it was deleted from her profile. It, however, wasn’t deleted before fans downloaded it and began to share it on TikTok and other social media platforms.

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In response to reshares of the video on TikTok. Some fans pointed out that typically with a birthday video, the birthday girl would be featured in the video. They were in agreement that it was unusual for the video to be focused on her husband signing to her instead of showing her. Terrified fans are begging for signs of life asking where Britney is and questioning if she’s alive or dead. Many fans question why the police have not gotten involved.

Check out the concerning video down below:


Did she delete her Instagram?

Now, there have also been a lot of reports that Britney Spears deleted/deactivated her Instagram account in the past 24-48 hours. These reports claim that fans are seriously concerned as the account was deactivated as fans expressed concern for her wellbeing. Overall, fans are begging Britney to go live on Instagram and give them some signs of life.

At this time, her Instagram account has not been deleted. It, however, does appear as if she’s changed her display name on her account recently. So, when fans search for Britney Spears’ Instagram it comes up with the display name “Channel 8.” So, when searching for her account on Google, it does appear to not exist at first glance.

Is Britney Spears saying goodbye to fans?

Some fans have called attention to the fact that it feels like she’s saying goodbye with her recent activity. She posted about her sons noting that she would “die” for them. And, she posted a tribute to her sister who she hasn’t been on good terms for a while. Looking at it from this perspective some fans wonder if she’s experiencing a manic episode or might be struggling with being suicidal.

Is Britney Spears dead?

Now, there are also fans calling attention to the fact that many of her posts on her Instagram profile are old pieces of content being reposted to look new. Concerningly, some fans wonder if she’s dead and if someone is just trying to hide it by keeping her profile active with old content.

Five days ago, she posted a video of her “beautiful Christmas tree.” She noted that she thought it was “more beautiful” than her tree from last year. Fans, however, were quick to point out that the video was from her old house. One fan got even more specific noting this exact video was from 2020. Here are some of the comments fans left on the old video:

  • “This video is from 2020 it really is a mystery what the F is going on anymore.”
  • “His/her posts from 2020 were in front of this tree, decorated exactly like this 2 years ago. And this is her old home so unusual she’s not setting up for Christmas at her new place since Sam clearly spends time there… and they said it was a security issue with this old home so you’d think she’d just move on from it in general.”
  • “This is your old house.”
  • “She isn’t posting this.”
  • “This is getting concerning. It’s like she’s saying goodbye.”

Do you think Britney Spears could be dead? If not, where is she? Share your thoughts down below. And, keep coming back for more on this bizarre story.

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