Audrey & Jeremy Roloff Own Their Decision Amid Backlash

Audrey & Jeremy Roloff

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff own their decision amid the backlash. The couple has been criticized by LPBW fans for their risky decision. Keep reading for the latest controversy and what they had to say.

Audrey Roloff shares a photo of a Christmas tree

It all started when Audrey Roloff shared a photo of her family’s Christmas tree. She took to her Instagram Stories with a new one. The 31-year-old clapped back at TLC fans who called her and Jeremy Roloff’s decorating decision for being too “dangerous.” She is doubling down on their risky decision.

Audrey first shared a photo of their massive tree on Instagram. It showed a tall ladder next to it. Some fans think their mode of decorating is too dangerous. In another Instagram Story, she also uploaded a snapshot of a wooden table that included a sign that said “Merry” across it.

Audrey Toasting Jeremy Roloff [Instagram]
Audrey’s photo comes after fans criticized her for using a large tree. They fear that her three kids could try to climb up on it. Audrey and Jeremy Roloff’s children could hurt themselves if something were to happen. The criticism ended up on the LPBW subreddit.

  • “So stupid. The kids are gonna end up getting hurt from that thing.”
  • “Everything about this is giving me major anxiety. It looks like it’s going to fall over.”
  • “They have 3 little kids. Please have them at least put a baby gate around it so the kids don’t bump into it and take down the whole tree.”

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are excited about the Christmas season. They’ve been busy decorating their home. Some fans would argue that Audrey did most of their work. The parents are set on having their massive Christmas tree no matter what the fans may think.

Audrey Roloff's Christmas Tree [Audrey Roloff | Instagram Stories]
[Audrey Roloff | Instagram Stories]

Jeremy Roloff shares decorating woes

Jeremy Roloff proved that he was getting into the decorating spirit as well. He took to his own Instagram Stories to reveal that they have a 16-foot Christmas tree. The reality star didn’t know how to get the huge tree into their $2 million farmhouse. Jeremy used a tractor to get the tree transported to their home.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff explained they wanted a “monster” tree. They wanted to put a smile on their children’s faces. It was a “last minute” decision since their “kids aren’t getting younger.” Little People Big World fans claimed that the Roloffs were only showing off their extravagant lifestyle.

Jeremy Roloff With Christmas Tree [Jeremy Roloff | Instagram Stories]
[Jeremy Roloff | Instagram Stories]
“Got to make everything a damn spectacle and show. They have no idea about real-life issues,” one fan wrote.

What are your thoughts on Audrey and Jeremy Roloff owning their decision amid the backlash? Do you agree that it’s too dangerous to have a large tree in the home? Or, do you think their kids deserve it? Sound off below in the comment section.

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