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TLC’s Michael & Amy Halterman Pregnant: See New Video

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TLC personalities Michael and Amy Halterman make a shocking announcement in a video uploaded by TLC today on multiple social media platforms — They are pregnant! This shocking pregnancy announcement comes as part of the trailer for 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 4.

Michael and Amy Halterman pregnant: See new video

Now, news Michael and Amy Halterman are pregnant won’t be as shocking for those who follow the family on Instagram. Turns out, there is a massive time gap between Season 4 of the TLC series and reality. Amy and Michael Halterman actually gave birth to baby #2 back in July of this year. Fans who can’t wait until next month for the new season to air can head over to her Instagram for a look at what the little guy looks like!

Check out the new video promoting Season 4 where Amy and Michael Halterman confirmed they were pregnant with baby #2 down below:


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Do they want to have a third baby?

Now, fans were more than a little shocked to learn Amy Halterman was pregnant with baby #2. It hadn’t been that long ago since she had a pretty rough pregnancy with Gage. And, she was still working on losing weight. The biggest reason why fans found the pregnancy news so shocking is that she was still within the window that her doctor strongly recommended she did not have children in and this was her second baby! Likewise, as fans who watched Season 3 of 1000-Lb. Sisters will recall, Amy Halterman’s doctor shut down the baby talk when the conversation came up as he insisted her body was NOT ready to get pregnant again.

Amy Halterman has openly admitted on social media and in interviews that she would not be having a third child. In fact, she confirmed she was getting her tubes tied after baby #2. So, there would be no more babies for this family.

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As those who follow her on social media know, Amy and Michael Halterman gave birth to a beautiful baby boy they named Glenn. During her gender reveal video, Amy admitted she had hoped for a girl and was a bit bummed out she was having a second boy. There, however, is no question that Amy doesn’t love both of her boys very much. And, she’s very generous about sharing photos of them on social media.

Truthfully, fans were a bit shocked the series is returning for another season because Amy Halterman did not hide the birth of Glenn from the world the same way she had to hide the birth of Gage.

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