Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ Shatters Another Big Record

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Prior to its release, Wednesday was a very strange idea that left many skeptical. Giving a member of The Addams Family a spinoff at a time when they aren’t very culturally relevant seems ridiculous. But here we are, and the results are something that no one was expecting. Wednesday is already shattering Netflix’s records with its success and its taking social media by storm. It’s not slowing down anytime soon, either. The show may be set up to take the throne.

The Spooky Mega-Hit

The show is currently sitting in third place on the list of English-language series with the most streams on Netflix. That’s third place above almost every other show Netflix has put out. Plus, Wednesday has only been out for two weeks. Currently, it only sits below Dahmer- Monster: The Jeffery Dahmer Story, another recent hit that spread like wildfire across social media. And the fourth season of Stranger Things. The three shows have 753 million, 856 million, and 1.4 billion hours of time streamed, respectively. Wednesday is rapidly approaching Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffery Dahmer Story and could be poised to take that second place spot before the end of the month.

Netflix Wednesday YouTube

The show is frequently credited as being “from Tim Burton.” While he is an executive producer for the Jenna Ortega-led show and directed four episodes, he’s not the one responsible for its creation. That credit lies with the duo Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. CW fans may recognize their names from also being the co-creators of Smallville. In many ways, Wednesday actually feels like a collision of styles between the high-school drama of Smallville and gothic weirdness of Tim Burton. So it’s looking like a match made in heaven.

More Wednesday & Addams Family?

It’s been a while since any member of The Addams Family was in the pop culture spotlight. With Wednesday doing the colossal numbers it’s doing, what does this mean for the future? Well, there’s no confirmation for a second season just yet, but the likelihood of an announcement soon seems inevitable. There’s no possible way Netflix will pass up on renewing a show that’s currently running popularity laps around a lot of its other content.

Wednesday YouTube Netflix

As far as other The Addams Family content, who knows what the future may hold? Tim Burton was originally set to make various projects with the franchise as far back as 1991. Wednesday is the first time one of these projects actually went through, but he certainly has much more ideas for the family. Plus, with the show reaching this level of success, it would make sense if Netflix was looking to spin off their spin off sometime in the near future. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Every episode of Wednesday is out on Netflix now.

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