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Kody Brown Orders Janelle To Be More Like His Good Wife Robyn

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown orders Janelle to be more like his good wife Robyn in the latest episode. At this point in their relationship, Janelle’s expressions suggest that she is so done with the Brown family patriarch. The 53-year-old saw this coming a long time and even though Kody didn’t directly name Robyn, it was evident that he wanted Janelle to be a Robyn replica. How does Janelle feel about this comparison and demand by Kody? Keep reading to find out more!

Kody Brown Accuses Janelle Of Making Single Woman Decisions

In the latest episode, Kody and Janelle meet each other at a restaurant to discuss where to celebrate their marriage. Thanksgiving also happens to come up. The mother of six revealed that she wishes to visit her daughter, Maddie in North Carolina for the holiday. Then, she wants the family to gather for Christmas. However, this didn’t sit well with Kody who went back to comparing his relationship with Janelle to that of Robyn. He even stated that Robyn remained loyal to him while Janelle made several single-woman decisions such as buying an RV.

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Later in her confessional, Janelle admitted that Kody thought of Robyn as a saint who has been treated wrong by the family. She even refused to victimize Robyn after Kody asked her why she was so close to Christine and not Robyn. To this, Janelle explains that Christine was by her side when the kids were young and needed a mother figure while she was out working. Kody admitted that he has lost respect for his wives that haven’t been loyal to him. He even refused to talk to his older kids that went against his trophy wife.

Would Kody Brown Defend If It Was Janelle Instead Of Robyn?

The catalyst to their conversation was Janelle asking Kody if he would defend her as much as he was defending his fourth wife. With a smirk, Kody avoided the question and started praising Robyn’s loyalty to him.

Talking about how Kody avoided Janelle’s question, one fan wrote on Reddit, “Notice how he blatantly doesn’t answer her question about what he would do if the roles were reversed and come back with a cross-complaint instead. Very mature, my dude.”

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Another added, “No he did answer the question. He answered it by saying Janelle isn’t his wife so the roles can’t be reversed.”

A third fan pointed out he tried to intimidate Janelle with his expressions. They said, “Not only that but leans into her face… I hate when people do that to try and be intimidating.”

“My favorite part of watching this season, besides Christine leaving, is watching Janelle slowly realize that she needs to leave too!” chimed the fourth fan.

Has Janelle Brown Already left Kody?

While Christine officially declared that she is no longer with Kody, Janelle hasn’t confirmed her separation. However, in a TikTok live, Christine’s daughter Gwendlyn Brown confirmed that Janelle has also left Kody. Yet, until Janelle makes the official announcement, it seems she is staying put.

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Do you think Janelle and Christine are better off away from Kody? Or should Janelle try to be more like his trophy wife? Share your thoughts and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Kody is a self absorbed douchebag who thinks Sobbin’ Robyn is his saving grace, well guess what Kody nothing can save your sorry self. Janelle needs to do what Christine has done and save herself. My only hope is Meri also does the same.

  2. They are all a joke. Kody is an aging man who is trying to be in his 20’s
    The women are just as bad.
    We call this entertainment???

  3. If I were Janelle I’d add up the amount of money given to Kody and Robyn. Hire an attorney. File for return of funds. Leave that State. Go build a new life elsewhere. Make kotex and herpes sell the house. Then after that they (kotex/herps) will financially expect the remaining Mari support them. The show will be DOA. Then we will see what an Angel Herpes queen does. My bet, she’s outta there ! And filing for support/child support.

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