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Christine Brown Attracts Thirsty Bachelorette Alum’s Eye?

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Christine Brown’s new glow has caught the eye of a Bachelorette alum. Though she is just having fun with her life, it seems that it is not just the everyday fans who appreciate her. As it turns out, someone quite familiar with the reality television world has left a sweet comment. Yet, who was it? Read on for more details.

Christine Brown Attracts Thirsty Bachelorette Alum’s Eye?

The mother of six has been living her best life in Utah. Since her twin grandsons were born, Christine’s smile has been bigger than ever. Fans cannot stop complimenting the Sister Wives star. However, one particular reality star decided to comment on a recent Instagram post that Christine shared.

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According to In Touch Weekly, former The Bachelorette star Josh Seiter contacted Christine. He left her a sweet comment on one of her posts. The 35-year-old simply wrote: “Gorgeous.” Now, this is very nice but it would mean a lot more if Josh was not constantly dating or pursuing those in the reality industry. Recently, he was dating 90 Day Fiance alum Karine Martins. The two were seen on social media together but then it ended quite quickly.

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She was not the only one he pursued. Josh also had been in a relationship with 90 Day Fiance star Yolanda Leaks who was more than twenty years his senior. Back in 2020, they ended up getting engaged but it fizzled, as well. The moment one of Christine’s followers spotted Josh leaving a comment, they had to step in.“Please don’t start with her. You’ve been through three women from reality TV shows, so don’t try and add her to your list.”

Stay Away

Christine Brown has made it clear that she is just dating for fun right now. As for Josh, he just seems to want to date for fame and attention. He likes to be in the news for dating fellow reality stars. When Christine told her now ex-husband Kody that she was leaving Flagstaff for Utah, he had one concern. He felt that Utah was against polygamists. Therefore, she was going to meet a man who was secretly against her old lifestyle thus ultimately using her and taking her and Kody for all they had.

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In essence, he was grasping at straws to get her to stay. However, he probably did not predict thirsty, clout-chasing former reality stars coming after his glowing ex-wife. Christine is happy in her own skin and it shows. As long as she is smart enough to stay away from Josh, everything will be just fine. There is something about him that women just cannot seem to resist.

Are you surprised that Josh Seiter came after Christine Brown? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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