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Will Katie Bates’ Husband Travis Clark Allow Her To Get A Job?

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Will Katie Bates’ husband Travis Clark allow her to get a job? For a while now, Bringing Up Bates fans have speculated that Katie is not working outside of the home because Travis doesn’t want her to. However, the couple is trying to silence these rumors once and for all and set the record straight.

On their YouTube channel, the couple has recently shared a couple of videos in which they addressed fans’ assumptions about them. They took this opportunity to share their true feelings about whether Katie should get a job.

Keep reading for all of the details about the young couple’s jobs and see what Travis said about his wife possibly getting a job.

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What does the Bringing Up Bates couple do for a living?

If you follow Katie Bates and Travis Clark on social media and YouTube, you’ve likely gotten a peek into their lives. After getting married in 2021, they moved to New Jersey. Now, Katie is an influencer and promotes various companies and products on Instagram. She works with brands to market their products to her many followers.

According to FandomTravis works at his family’s church as a media assistant and leads the children’s choir. Earlier this year, he announced he has a sales job, but he hasn’t revealed where he works or what he does exactly.

Plus, the couple brings in ad revenue from their YouTube videos. But is Katie allowed to work outside of the house?

Will Katie Bates’ husband Travis Clark let her get a job?

In their new assumptions video on YouTube, the Bringing Up Bates stars responded to a fan discussing whether Travis will let his wife work. The fan wrote, “Katie wants to get a job but Travis doesn’t want you to.”

After reading the assumption, Travis asked, “Why do people think this?” He seemed confused about where this idea came from and why so many people believe it.

Then, Katie Bates said, “It is weird ’cause it is so opposite of what actually is true. Travis would, like, tell me to go get a job tomorrow if I wanted to and be, like, my number one supporter.”

She added that he will be supportive whether she wants to work or stay at home. Then, Travis said, “Stay-at-home moms are great. It’s a full-time job.”

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In the future, Katie may go work at a salon or have an at-home salon. But in the meantime, the couple is focusing on their baby girl on the way, who is due to arrive in March.

So, does it surprise you that Katie Bates’ husband Travis Clark will allow her to get a job? Were you one of the fans questioning whether this was a possibility? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family. You can watch Katie and Travis’ latest YouTube video below.

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