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Janelle Brown Shuts It Down, Robyn Never Tried To Blend

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Janelle Brown shut down any nonsense from Kody on Sister Wives this week, saying Robyn never tried to blend in with the family. While Kody attempted to gaslight Janelle, she bluntly said that she would not listen to him put Robyn on a pedestal anymore.

Here is what Kody said about Janelle and where she drew the line.

Janelle shuts down Kody’s remarks on Sister Wives

Kody sat down with Janelle Brown, and the two started talking about Robyn. Kody was furious and claimed that his other wives had been mean to Robyn since the day she came into the family. He said she was nice to everyone, and no one reciprocated the kindness back. Kody almost talked like Robyn just now came into the family and hasn’t been part of it for almost a decade now (they got married in 2014).

Janelle Brown | YouTube

Janelle sat there fuming while Kody talked down to her, and finally, she had to ask one important question. She asked him what he would do if the tables were turned. Would he take up for her the same way? Kody leaned forward and told her she wasn’t even like a wife to him anymore. He accused her of living like a single woman. This is even though Kody is to blame for that.

In Robyn’s confessional, she said there were always challenges in blending in with the family. However, she said she desperately wanted to be part of the plural family. Janelle disagreed.

In the confessional with Janelle, she said she was tired of Kody talking about this all the time. She said he has been going on about it for too long. Janelle then said that Robyn never once tried to blend in as part of the plural family. “She always kind of kept herself a little separate.”

Janelle might be ready to walk out the door

There are many Sister Wives fans who think Janelle is ready to leave altogether. In a Reddit thread concerning the clip, one person said that Kody and Robyn probably want Janelle to leave because she takes charge of their financial accounting. They mentioned how Janelle noticed last week that Kody funneled family money to Robyn for things she wanted. “If Janelle is gone, Kody/Robyn can spend any income how they see fit without Janelle asking questions,” they said.

“I hope she takes her money and whatever she can get from the two grifters and leaves them far behind,” another wrote. Finally, one person noticed how calm Janelle was in the confessionals and believes she has already left. “The calmness of her talking head half this segment I’d say she’s truly looking ‘back’ at this situation,” they wrote.

Is Robyn finally pushing Janelle Brown out of the plural family? Do you think Janelle has finally had enough? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. This is absolutely crazy! All of this thieving, lying, conniving and the alligator tears, through it all Meri has always supported Robin so why is she still not a cherished wife, because he felt “disrespected” that’s what he says by falling for a cat fisher and besides he claims their marriage wasn’t good for years. Janine needs to get with, Christine and the kids that are honest about what a creep Cody is and try to get all their stolen money back and leave Kody with his fake crying creepy flowered top current legal wife and Meri needs to run away as fast as she can before they steal all her money.

    1. I don’t think that Robin and Janelle can steal Meri’s money, unless Meri let’s them. She is no longer legally bound to that narcissist, selfish, controlling SOB, Cody.
      Therefore, she is intertwined with either and Robin even less now.
      Except, there may be a clause or contract on her B&B. Didn’t all of them, “go in on” the B&B, because Meri was having a hard time getting the down payment?

      Run Meri Run……Janelle… Take Offť Like a Bat, Outta Heck!

      1. no, they didn’t help Meri with her business. kody thought it was a dumb idea. Meri came up with the money herself. Meri will never leave. she’s holding out in hopes kody will talk to her again. Meri willingly gives them he money because she’s brainwashed.

    2. What happened to: “Love is meant to be shared” motto? 😆 This disgusting family dynamic was always a ticking time bvomb waiting to implode.

  2. Christine made the right decision on leaving Cody is a total hypocrite because through the years he has always said any wife can leave they are not “made” to stay and what happens when Christine tells everyone that she is leaving Cody turns and becomes a total jerk. It’s clear who he wants to be with out of the 3 remaining wives. Christine and Jenelle are my favorites.

  3. Kody is so narcissistic he’s blind to his own selfishness. I don’t know how anyone could tolerate his ego for more than 5 minutes. “I, ME, MY….” UGH. Kody is exasperating. He can’t possibly be that ignorant, but yet, here that all are.

  4. Kody gives no comfort to his wives, unless that wife is Robyn. Janelle, you and your children deserve better. Set a boundary with the needy man child and stick in to it. Kody does not know what love is, but he sure knows what emotional abuse toward h is s family members are. He has neglected almost every family member with the exception of Robyn and her kids …Kody has left you all swaying in the wind for so long. You all have to be all emotionally starving to death. you deserve better. This “man” only knows how to suck the life out of everyone else. kick him to the curb. He neither wants a healthy relationship nor seeks it. He is too self centered. Kody’s motto is “what can YOU do for ME”.

  5. I think it is awful the way Kody has treated his wives & their children no wonder they don’t want to know him or Robin…
    it does make me laugh when Kody said that he wanted them to isolate instead of being with the family ..strange because as far as I know its Robins babysitter who has brought the covid virus to the door all that & now Robin has had to go into hospital you dont hear Kody say any.yes 2 older sons had it slightly ..I wonder does he stop & reflects how he’s treated all of the other wives & their children…poor ysabel wanted to see her Dad when she had her surgery for Scoliosis but he couldn’t do that for her or Remember to wish his son Happy Bithday poor Gabe Happy Birthday …

  6. Kody is a Kreep. Why would/should anyone including fans support a man who “demands” loyalty after giving nothing but contempt?

    I would have been gone in less than a year.

  7. Kody is all EGO. He doesn’t want anyone but Robyn, so he says I don’t love you; your not loyal etc etc.
    In reality he is pathetic. When Christine left he made her promise not to let a “greedy man” get her to go for money from Kody MEANING promise not to go for child support cause they will take my money.(Dead beat Dad if I’ve ever seen one)
    Janelle is or did leave him, but won’t play out till prob next season. He should be paying child support for each child under 18 unless in college then 21.
    He is running her out like he just did Christine.

  8. Never will I understand how some women can be so stupid when it comes to Kody, he is only in love with his on self with that stup hair do . He has what he has because of the women’s money and what kind of woman settle’s to share her so call husband, this is truly sick. You women need to kick his rear to the curb, at least one had the strength to get out and so hss as pay for her.

  9. I am on team Janelle. She should
    follow Christine out the door and never look back. Those two were the backbone of that plural marriage and Kody was not up to the job. I think Meri just needs to feel security and could care less wether or not Kody has sexual interest in her. She was happy to have Robin take that load. TLC should cut Kody and Robin and do a show about Christine and Janelle and their kids.

    1. Ahh, but then there wouldn’t be any drama.
      TLC wouldn’t want that either. They are very versed in stretching a story out, waaaay past it’s or Cody’s prime!

      1. Lol! I had to stop recording the show! Can’t stand Cody. Glad Janelle & Christen saw the light! I can read everything on google as to how they are doing. Cody & Robin deserve each other. Not sure why Meri is still there! BTW-does Cody even have a job or are the wives supporting him?? TLC needs to pull the plug

  10. All the “original” wives are smarter than dimwitted Kody thinks. Christine made sure she had money and stability before leaving, Janelle is getting her property and house built before leaving and Meri is milking what she can from the “relationship ” while stockpiling her money away from him. These wonderful women KNOW what to do. KUDOS TO YOU

  11. Kody is a p.o.s. how u gonna let Jenelle move into a trailer and not even offer her to move in with him and Robyn in their mansion he only cares about his Ego not even going to stay there to help her get settled and Mary that woman is a space cadet she needs it in a big neon sign Kody doesn’t love u

    1. kody needs a man ti kick his ass fir treating wives and children in the awfyl manner he has. its all abiut his feeling. remembet yiur the dad u are suppose to give relentlessly. you are selfish with your live to your many children. thats why your plutal marruage will never work.
      and the thought of you courting Robyns oldest keds that arent yours is grossly sick

      1. My question is, Kody legally adopted the 3 children of Robyn’s and her ex so they could be on his benefits or some lame a$$ excuse like that. So how can he be setting it up to court and marry his 2 step daughters?
        That is so wrong on so many levels. Maybe Kody and Robyn need to be investigated if this is really in the works.
        Those girls really need to wake up and get the Heck out of there.

  12. Kody and Robyn need to get jobs. What users they are. Kody your one of the most narcistic, gas lighter person out there. I think the show should be cancelled. Or maybe the 2 other wives need to get themselves a couple of husbands that will provide for family and not manipulate. This show is so ridiculous. Ladies there are good men in the world that dont need to play tho is so holy. KODY your a piece of crap. Now go cry and feel sorry for yourself. I hope this show is cancelled.

  13. Kody Brown is an imposter.

    His investment in plural marriage is simple: money. And a TV show.

    Each of the women on the show are part of Kody’s script and represents a benefit to him. He has no legal responsibility to three of them but he does to his children who are minors. He could owe child support when any of the women with minors claim it. This is Kody’s concern about Christine leaving.

    He encourages Meri to leave but is mad because Christine did.
    And now even his pretend relationship with Janelle has been revealed. Blaming Christine? It’s just another script for an episode.

    Bravo to Christine for changing the direction of the show by refusing to waste any more of her life. And Kody’s response is how dare she leave when he worked so hard to pretend-love her. How dare any of them want to leave. Kody wanted a kingdom where three of his wives were slaves. Well, Christine got out. Meri was trying to get out when she went looking online. And now Janelle has seen the light that Kody, after all, can really only handle the woman he wants and it’s the witch-chinned manipulator named Robyn. Those two grifters are equally matched in their fakery.

  14. Cut of your “cute” Shirley Temple curls, put your big boy pants on and be a man if you want to be respected as one.
    No more freebies and confesions for you. Go to work!

  15. Meri Meri please go see a psychiatrist and get your brain out of your ass. I b damned if I work my ass off for a man and a woman that had no respect for me. is this how you want your daughter to live . thinking it’s okay that somebody can treat you like this

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