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Janelle Brown Adored Kody & Said Only Death Would Part Them?

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There was a time when Janelle Brown absolutely adored Kody. To the point where she may have actually wanted to obey their vows, til death does them part. Now, the two are struggling to even come to a common ground. Kody does not feel that Janelle is loyal to him, as Robyn is. However, Janelle believes that she cannot count on Kody and he wants her to change into someone she is not. An old clip of the two has resurfaced where they seemed to be on the same page. What happened to tear them apart? Read on for more details.

Janelle Brown Adored Kody & Said Only Death Would Part Them?

It is a rough time for Janelle and Kody right now. They are not on the same path at all as she has been forced to make decisions for herself and her youngest daughter, Savanah. She claims that she cannot wait on Kody because he simply takes too long. Therefore, it never gets done. That is why she has opted to look for a rental in town on her own as she must exit the RV very soon.

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In a much-needed catch-up lunch, Kody told Janelle that they have not been acting married for some time. In fact, he alleges it has been like this for most of their marriage. This is hard for Janelle because she wants to make it work but she does not want to have to morph into Robyn for that to happen. Yet, in a resurfaced video posted on Reddit, there was a time when Janelle adored Kody. She has her arm linked to his and is beaming at him.

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They are talking about highs and lows but how she will be with him until death. Immediately, fans responded to this after knowing what is going on in their current situation. “He was a different man back then (based on the way it was filmed. I firmly believe things were happening in the background we didn’t see,” one person noted. Another added: “If only they knew that after 10 years of Robyn and Kody the path may end not with both of them together; but rather with Kody shoving Janelle off the path and down the hillside after he takes her water bottle, hiking boots, and jacket.”

Can They Survive?

Janelle Brown had so much faith in Kody when she said those words about death parting them. However, the true damage from Robyn clearly had not been done. Many questioned if someone can really love four people at the same time. Yet, one Redditor had this to say: “This is just sad 😕 Jenelle is a beautiful person, she deserves so much better & Kody, kody deserves Robyn!” The general consensus is that he was once much kinder and now, all of the wives, aside from Robyn, deserve so much better. Hopefully, Janelle will follow her former sister wife and dear friend, Christine.

Do you think Janelle misses the way she once was with Kody or does she still think she will die beside him? Let us know your thoughts and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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