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Fans Fed Up With Carlin Bates & Evan Stewart’s Shady Tactics

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Bringing Up Bates fans are becoming fed up with Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart‘s shady tactics. They’ve turned to social media to call the couple out and question their actions. What have Carlin and Evan done that has fans so worked up? Keep reading for all of the details.

Carlin Bates & Evan Stewart drop a new video.

Every week, Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart share a new YouTube video with fans, taking them along as they go on adventures with their kids, decorate for Christmas, and more. Many of their recent videos have been about Carlin’s mysterious health issues as well. She’s been having seizure-like episodes since May and still doesn’t have a diagnosis.

In their newest video, the couple revealed that they had to take their eight-month-old son to urgent care. Fortunately, it wasn’t too serious and he only has pink eye.

Carlin Bates & Evan Stewart - YouTube

But from the title of their video and the thumbnail photo they used, fans were worried something serious was going on. And now, fans feel that the couple is getting desperate for more views and more money.

Bringing Up Bates fans call out their shady tactics.

On Reddit, fans are discussing Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart’s new video and calling them out for using clickbait to get more views. In the title of the video, Evan and Carlin wrote, “ZADE GOES TO THE URGENT CARE.” They also included a screenshot of them dancing with their two-year-old daughter Layla and Zade is nowhere to be seen. They added a block of text that reads, “ZADE IS MISSING THE FUN.”

From the title and picture, it sounds like Zade is seriously sick and that his illness is a huge part of the video. However, only the last few minutes are actually about Zade having pink eye and going to urgent care. The majority of the video is of the family decorating for Christmas. Fans feel that the couple chose to include Zade’s sickness in the title because of how well Carlin Bates’ health issue videos perform.

One Bringing Up Bates fan said, “They have figured out what gets them views, anything related to the hospital, so they take any opportunity to add it to the title of their videos. This video for example is 25 minutes of them doing random stuff, laughing and the last 3 minutes talking about Zade, but the thumbnail and title makes it look like something tragic happened and Zade isn’t there with them.”

Someone else chimed in, “I’m starting to think that they actually get excited whenever one of their kids has to go to the doctor because they know that they can use it as content for their channel. Sad stuff, honestly. They should be ashamed.”

So, do you agree with the fed-up fans who are tired of Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart’s shady tactics? Have you noticed the clickbait in their YouTube titles and thumbnails? Share your thoughts in the comments section, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family. You can check out Carlin and Evan’s new YouTube video, including the clickbait title and thumbnail fans don’t like, below.

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